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Mar 15, 2023
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Printable Easter Gift Tags
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What is The Origin of The Book?

There are many versions that explain the history of the book. One of them is the version that says that the book was created in Egypt in 2400 BC. However, some people also say that books have existed since the Buddhist era in Cambodia.

Author Cerrie Burnell gives a detailed explanation of the book's history. According to Burnell, books are related to storytelling. The culture of storytelling has existed since ancient times and has created language. It can be seen in the relics of ancient times, that is the graffiti or pictures on the cave walls.

Then, humans began to look for other media to tell stories. In the past, humans used cowhide or deerskin. Then, they used rocks. Eventually, papyrus paper was found and used as a writing medium.

This was done by ancient humans until it was finally adopted by the Greeks and Romans. Then, in 600 AD the first drawing book with attractive colors was created. The book is known as Illuminated Manuscripts.

In the past, the Greeks and Romans also created layers of wax that were poured onto a sheet of paper. This layer can be used as a medium for writing and drawing. Not only that, the layer can be erased so it can be used again.

Historically, books containing writing were first created in China. The Chinese made a paper powder mix made from hemp, white mulberry, and other ingredients. The paper powder is printed and becomes paper sheets. Then, Germany succeeded in making a printing machine in 1454. This machine has been the tool for making books until now.

How to Make A Unique Book Gift?

Books are a great medium for giving knowledge to children. However, reading books is a boring activity for children. Well, you can make reading exciting again by turning books into a gift that kids will love.

So, you can make a unique book gift. Here are some ways to make books as gifts that will make kids love reading books.

  1. Wrap The Book

    If you want to make the book a gift for the kids, you can wrap it with cute wrapping paper. Look for wrapping paper with patterns that are liked by children. Then, make gift wrapping into a unique shape. You can also add a greeting card.

  2. Insert A Bookmark Inside The Gift

    Bookmarks are something that is definitely needed when children read books. There are many kinds of bookmarks in the store. You can buy bookmarks with cute motifs and shapes.

    Usually, there is also a bookmark with motivational words. Well, you can use that type of bookmark so your child gets more excited every time they open the book.

    If you want to get creative bookmarks, you can make your own bookmarks. It will make the book gift you give more memorable.

  3. Give Other Gifts Related to The Book

    If you give a book that tells a story about rabbits, you can give a rabbit doll as well. It will make children want to read the book while hugging the rabbit doll. So, they will have more fun when they read the book.

Printable Easter Name Tags
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How to Teach Children to Love Reading?

For most children, reading books is boring. They prefer watching videos or playing with gadgets rather than reading books. In fact, books can provide a lot of knowledge to them. Then, how do you teach children to love reading books?

  1. Introduce Them With The Books

    Based on the explanation from UNICEF, children will use something if you introduce it to them from a young age. So, get used to children reading from an early age. You can read them story books so they are trained in reading.

    You can also introduce different types of books to them. For example, you introduce them to picture books first. After that, introduce them to other reading books. It's a good idea to take them to the library or bookstore so they can find many types of books.

  2. Be Their Role Model

    Children prefer to imitate what they see and hear. So, you have to be a good role model for them. Therefore, you also have to be diligent in reading so children imitate your habits.

    We recommend that you have a reading session every day. Give it one hour a day. In this way, children will think that reading books is a routine.

  3. Gifting Books

    When they have a birthday, give them a book as a gift. Use the method that we explained so the book gifts they receive can make them happy. This way will make them familiar with the book and think that the book is something special.

  4. Create A Reading Room

    Make one area in your home a reading room for children. You can put pillows and blankets there to make it more comfortable. 

  5. Ease of Access

    Children can enjoy reading books if you put books in an area that is easy for them to reach. So, you can put reading books for them in the family room, living room, bedroom, and their playground.

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