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Jul 02, 2015
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Thanksgiving Word Scramble
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What are Some Thanksgiving Words?

There are a lot of words that are related to thanksgiving. Some of the words are thank you, gratitude, grateful, thankful, turkey, dinner, feast, share, pumpkin, food, gobble up, blessings, celebration, happy, pie, and candle. Usually, the words are related to events such as dinner and the thanksgiving menu. The other words are related to the autumn or fall season. Phrases that are also related are autumn leaves, give thanks, pumpkin pie, thanksgiving invitation, thanksgiving cards, gratitude list, thanksgiving placemats, thanksgiving banner, thanksgiving decoration, thank you, cranberry sauce, and also Black Friday that follows the thanksgiving day. 

What are You Thankful for Quotes Thanksgiving?

There are a lot of popular quotes and sayings related to thanksgiving. You can use them to write on your thanksgiving cards, but you can also make your own to make it more personalized. The best thanksgiving quotes are the ones that express your sincere gratitude. For example, if you want to say thanks to the people you love, you can start by telling them how grateful you are to have them in your life. Tell them the good things they bring to you and how much they help you to be a better person. 

How Do You Write a Thanksgiving Message? 

The thanksgiving messages don't have to be complicated and packed with beautiful words. You can write a simple message such as Happy Thanksgiving and write best wishes to the person you are sending the cards into. The most important thing is your intention behind the message. The more sincere you are, the better the message will be even when it is very simple. People who receive the message will be happier to receive a message that you write by yourself instead of some random beautiful saying that has no personal value. 

Thanksgiving Word Activities
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Thanksgiving Word Search
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Thanksgiving Charades Word List
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Thanksgiving Matching Worksheet
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Thanksgiving Word Scramble for Kids
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How Do You Give Thanksgiving Messages to a Friend?

A friend is someone important in your life. You love them as much as they love you and they deserve to know it. As a friend, of course, you know them well. You know all the positive things about them and that's what you want to tell them. Be honest and tell them everything you are grateful for. It can be awkward sometimes, but even the most basic message will make them smile. You can tell them casually and not be too serious to avoid awkwardness. You can also say your gratitude along with handing them a present that is simple and personal to show them how much you love them.  

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