Printable Thanksgiving Math Worksheets For Kindergarten

Nov 12, 2011
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Printable Thanksgiving Math Worksheets
Printable Thanksgiving Math Worksheetsdownload

What kind of math do kindergarteners do?

When children are in their golden age, the role of parents in educating is no less important than the role of teachers in school. Moreover, in providing basic lessons about mathematics. Parents have more opportunities to apply fun math lessons at home with games and toys.

Kindergarten children are generally at the stage where they begin to imitate what their parents are doing. Therefore, it will be easier for them to learn mathematics if their parents also provide similar lessons at home every day.

When giving maths lessons to children, you should find a way that is as fun as possible, so that children don't feel overwhelmed by their new knowledge. One way is to provide a holiday theme in a worksheet, for example, such as thanksgiving math worksheets for Kindergarten.

Based on research on the development of basic mathematics for kindergarten children, there are five important skills that children must-have. By having these five basic skills, children will be able to learn mathematics more easily later on. The following are the five skills:

  1. Cardinality and counting.
  2. Algebraic thinking and simple operations (such as adding and subtractions).
  3. Operation and numbers in base 10.
  4. Data and measurement.
  5. Basic geometry.


How do I teach my kindergarten math?

When teaching math to kindergarten children, you don't have to rush to force them to understand it. This is because the thinking ability of kindergarten children is still limited. Therefore, you should insert the game into basic math so that when learning it still feels like playing. Here is a trick to teach kindergarten children math:

  1. Use toys. To make them understand basic math, use toys such as playing cards, Uno, etc.
  2. Holidays themed math worksheet. Providing a worksheet with a theme can encourage the children because the symbols in holidays provide them with pleasant memories. For example, the Turkish symbol or pumpkin in the thanksgiving math worksheets for Kindergarten.
  3. Make it real. After providing basic knowledge of maths, you can put these lessons on a daily basis. This helps children to remember lessons more quickly.

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Printables
Kindergarten Thanksgiving Printablesdownload

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What math should a 5-year-old know?

Children aged 5 years are still included in kindergarten children. Therefore it is best not to overload it with mathematical operations that are too complex. You can give lessons in number recognition, counting, and simple operations like adding and subtracting in base 10. Also, make basic math fit on a daily basis. So that they are easier and faster to understand.

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