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Updated on May 30, 2022
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Preschool Connect the Dots Worksheets Printable
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How can I start to teach kids the alphabet?

Teaching the alphabet can be frustrating if you don’t prepare it well. Constructing the dot-to-dot worksheet can be an alternative for you to teach your students the alphabet. If you are interested in using this method, let’s just get to the details!

Start constructing the tracing alphabet worksheet with the grid style. Attach the upper case and lower case as examples and let the kids trace the dot-to-dot template. If you think using both upper and lower case is too complicated for them, you can start with the upper first and then continue with the lower case.

To make them more stick with each alphabet, you can provide a large letter to color. In this case, you need to make the worksheet consist of large dots, so the students can put on the color in them. Use this style by involving the upper and lower case in a worksheet too.

Make the kids familiar with the letters' arrangement by connecting the half picture. This worksheet will use the alphabet as the connector. Therefore, kids have to arrange the alphabet starting from a to z to make a whole picture seen.

Spot the dots are also great to make the kids master identifying the alphabet. This kind of worksheet supposed the kids to give the sign in the intended letters you gave.

For example, you arrange the worksheet that makes the kids have to spot a, b, and c. Then, you need the worksheet that contains those letters the most and let the kids give the dot sign in it. Using the large dots to color will be better.

Those are how you can teach the alphabet using dot to dot worksheet as the starter. Choose the style that you think it’s in line with your students and let them engage with it.

Why is the dots art can be a great learning tool?

Starting to teach the kids using dot-to-dot worksheets is not without the reason. This kind of method contains a lot of benefits that kids can get. Here are the reasons why dot art is considered beneficial for kids learning.

Start the learning with dot-to-dot art, which will train the kids to grip the pen and make their muscles work. In the end, they will used to it and boost their fine motor skills. Using tracing worksheet also improve kids’ visual attention. Their focus will be on the paper and doing the tracing worksheet until it's done.

With a tracing worksheet, kids will be able to synchronize their eyes and hand. The application of the tracing worksheet makes kids pay attention to the graphic and let their hand flow with it. Then, they continue to follow the dots.

The tracing worksheet suit not only young learner but also older kids and grown-ups. All of this is only based on the style and the number of roles. For the early learner, the dot-to-dot worksheet is great for object introduction.

While for older kids, the dot-to-dot can be the tool they can be able to identify the complex thing through number connection. Adults are also the same but in the largest number.

The tracing worksheet can involve many activities such as learning objects, letters, numbers, and even creativity. Creativity can be done by coloring each dot.

Those are the reasons why the dots art can be beneficial for kids. Choose the worksheet style while also considering the purpose of learning you want kids to achieve.

Connect Dots Worksheets
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Preschool Connect the Dots Worksheets Printable
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How do you make a dot-to-dot butterfly?

Involve crafting in kids learning is such a must thing to do. Arrange the crafting that is in line with your teaching. Learning dots include the basic skill that you can arrange as the crafting activity.

Making butterfly paper plates sounds good for this, let’s get to the details!

All you need to do at the first are gather all the materials. It consists of a paper plate, brushes for making dots, paint, scissor, glue, and a wooden skewer. Instruct the kids to cut the paper plate in half.

You need to guide them well in this step and make them careful using the scissor. Let the kids pull off their creativity in making the dots painting on the paper plate.

Free them to use the color as they wish and let them scratch the brush on the paper plate. After each half is fully covered with the dots, then it’s time to stick them into the wooden skewer. To make it more butterfly, you can also let the kids paint the wooden skewer as they wish.

That’s how you can construct the dot-to-dot butterfly. Make sure each student participates well in this project, so they can engage in what you teach later. Apply it to your class and make them enjoy learning dot to dot!

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