Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarks

Oct 22, 2010
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Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarks

Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarks

Printable Bookmarks Designs
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How do you make a homemade bookmark?

Welcoming Thanksgiving, it's time to make homemade Thanksgiving bookmarks to complete your casual reading session!
Step 1 - Prepare a sturdy piece of paper such as cardboard or cardstock and choose a Thanksgiving pattern or image to decorate your paper with. You can use a collage of several Thanksgiving-themed papers or pictures to decorate your bookmark.
Step 2 - Cut the paper. The size of the bookmark is tailored to your needs. You can make a bookmark that is small and protruding (3 cm long) or a traditional size that is 5-7.5 cm long. Don't make a bookmark that is longer than 15 cm because it will be too big for the book. You don't want the bookmark sticking out from the bottom or top of your book.
Step 3 - Add details. Using the chosen paper or decorative graphics. Cut and glue your decoration onto cardboard. Try using wrapping paper or cut out pages from a magazine for an easy way to decorate your bookmark.
Step 4 - Wrap your bookmark. Cover it with protective plastic in order to make the bookmark durable and not easily damaged, or you can laminate your bookmark. You can also use a wide tape to cover both sides of your bookmark.
Step 5 - Give it a finishing touch. Use a hole punch tool to make a hole on the top of the bookmark. Get a long ribbon (about 15-20 cm) and fold it in half. Insert the ribbon loop through the bookmark hole and tie it with the two ribbons to make a knot. Use several ribbons of varying color and texture. Put beads to the ends of the ribbon for a cute look. Slide a few beads through the end of the ribbon and tie the ends of the ribbon together so they don't come loose. Burn both ends of the ribbon so that the thread doesn't hang, and it will melt the plastic in the ribbon so that when it dries the threads stick together.

How do you make turkey bookmarks?

In order to embrace the Thanksgiving vibes, try to make Thanksgiving bookmarks, let’s make Turkey pendant beaded ribbon bookmark! Here’s how :
Step 1 - Prepare the ribbons and beads. Use a thin, soft, and cordless ribbon. You can use beads in various sizes and patterns. Also prepare a talisman to hang from the end of your ribbon.
Step 2 - Cut the ribbon. Cut a 105 cm long ribbon and use a lighter to burn the two ends of the ribbon so that the thread doesn't dangle.
Step 3 - Attach the beads. Insert a row of beads that you simply want to hold from rock bottom of the bookmark. Insert the turkey pendant into the center of the ribbon and then fold the ribbon in half so that the beads can be tucked in from the two tails of the ribbon. Leave the 25 cm long ribbon empty, then tie another knot with the 2 ribs. Add the bead you want to tuck into the top of the bookmark, and tie one more knot to prevent the bead from falling off.

Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarks
Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarksdownload
Thanksgiving Printable Christian Bookmarks
Thanksgiving Printable Christian Bookmarksdownload
Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarks
Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarksdownload
Thanksgiving Bookmarks Jokes
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What kind of paper is used for bookmarks?

Thanksgiving is around the corner! you can start calling your family and friends and invite them for Thanksgiving dinner, making some Thanksgiving craft or art like Thanksgiving bookmarks from cardstock, Thanksgiving wall decor, or even a Thanksgiving banner! Take a time to practice baking your turkey is also a good idea!

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