Printable Sewing Patterns Chemo Hat

May 18, 2010
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Sewing Chemo Hat Pattern
Sewing Chemo Hat Patterndownloadvia

Where can I buy chemo hat?

Losing your hair during chemo therapy is already hard. Don’t make it more difficult by wearing lousy chemo hat. Find the perfect chemo hat that will make you stunning! Don’t worry because you can find so many chemo hats online. There are many models you can try. Choose the chemo hat that best suits your style. Anyway, you can window shopping chemo hat on It sells cute and stylish chemo hats.

What I need to make chemo hat?

It looks like you would rather make your own chemo hat than buy. That’s good! Now, let’s prepare the materials that you need to make chemo hat. It won’t be much, you just need: a perfect yarn or wool, needles, fabric, scissors, pattern, iron, and iron board.

What is the best yarn for chemo hat?

As we know that chemo hat is for cancer patient, we need to choose the best yarn. Chemo hat should make patient feel comfortable so we need to pay attention very well to the materials. Anyway, what is the best yarn for chemo hat? Well, according to some information, it’s better if you use 100% cotton yarn to make chemo hats. If it’s hard to find, you can also use a cotton blend with acrylic or bamboo. Anyway, if you use wool, please remember to put label on your chemo hat because some people are allergic to wool.

Can children use chemo hat?

It’s a big NO for children to use chemo hat. Children shouldn’t use chemo hat because of the risk of transmitting infections. According to The Centers of Disease Controls in Atlanta, hospitals advices not to use handmade chemo hats because it can transmit infection. So, for children, you can make another hats for them such as winter hats or Christmas hats.

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Printable Chemo Hat Sewing Patterns Free
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Sewing Chemo Hat Pattern
Sewing Chemo Hat Patterndownloadvia

Can I get sewing patterns chemo hat online?

Yes, of course you can get sewing patterns chemo hat on the Internet. You can open up Pinterest, Etsy, Printabler, and many more to find the best sewing patterns chemo hat. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can get free patterns! Pattern is one of the basic materials that should be on the list if you want to make DIY chemo hat. So, make sure you have it before you start to make it. It won’t take long time to get this pattern. Once you find the best one, you can just print it with your printer.  

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