Printable Scary Halloween Faces

Jul 05, 2022
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Printable Scary Halloween Faces
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Scary Face Pumpkin Carving Patterns Printable
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What is the best face paint for Halloween?

Well, if we’re talking about Halloween, we will never get tired of thinking about what kind of costume we use during Halloween night. Some people may have already started to prepare decorations to hold a party, some of them are busy finding the best costume they could afford, and some people are also busy finding the best face paint for their make up on Halloween night. 

Since there will be a lot of people at the parties using costumes, you might want to find out what is the best thing you could wear so you can look stand out among the guests. Well, sometimes costumes will not help you out because there is any chance someone would wear the exact same costume you wore. 

For example, you might still remember back on ‘Suicide Squad’ film was booming everywhere. So, many people decided to dress up as the Joker and Harley Quinn. At one party, you might find more than two Harley Quinn at one time. So, this is why costumes would not help a lot.

Then, maybe you can try to do some extraordinary makeup to look more stand out. All you need is a special makeup effect to make scary Halloween faces. If you don’t want to spend a lot of budget on makeup, then the most important thing you should have is white face paints. Using these things, you can do tons of scary makeup, including ghosts, zombies, witches, vampires, or anything else that is supposed to be dead and pale.

Here are the top 4 white face paints for Halloween:

  1. Bo Buggles Professional White Face Paint. Even though not many people know this brand, it has very good qualities and is easy to apply especially for beginners. 
  2. Mehron Clown White Face Paint. If you’re on a budget, then Mehron Clown can be your best choice. The coverage is very sufficient without cracking or creasing. 
  3. Paradise Makeup AQ White Face & Body Paint. Many people have doubted this product because it is water-based, but don’t get it wrong. This product has full coverage and is highly pigmented. The best part of this product is skin-friendly.

Diamond FX Essential White Face Paint. When it comes to blending, line work, and layering, you can leave it to Diamond FC Essential White Face Paint. Because it is wax-based and denser than any other brand. It also has the consistency of coverage.

Printable Scary Pumpkin Carving Stencils
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Halloween Scary Faces
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Why are Halloween costumes scary? 

When it comes to Halloween nights, people would dress up using scary costumes or scary Halloween faces, they would wander around the blocks and have trick-or-treat parties. 

These Halloween parties originated from the Celtics Festival that marked the end of the summer days and celebrating the end of the year. According to belief, during that day, the souls of the dead were coming to the Earth. So they wear costumes to disguise themselves and scare the evil souls.  

Why is Halloween celebrated on 31 October?

We all know that Halloween celebrates annually at the end of October. Some people might be curious about the reason for holding this event on 31 October. The tradition of Halloween actually comes from the Samhain ancient festival in which the people light a sacred bonfire and wear ghost-representative costumes.

However, on the next day 1 November, Pope Gregory III designed this day as the time to honor all saints. Halloween itself was previously named by All Hallows Eve. Time by time, Halloween includes some traditions such as carving jack-o-lantern, Halloween party, treats, and many more.

What are kids-friendly movies to watch during Halloween?

After attending a Halloween party, your kids might wait for you to play the spooky movie to entertain them. There are some Halloween movie recommendations you can watch with your kids. The first one is Muppets Haunted Mansion which tells about a daredevil who spends the night in the haunted mansion as a challenge.

Kiki’s Delivery Service provides the story of a great good witch who uses her broom and flying skills for delivering service. Coco is one of the best cartoon movies about Halloween. This movie talks about Halloween night and its tradition. Ghostbusters become one of the Halloween movies that involve comedy that will make your kids burst into laughter.

Besides the favorite movie choices above, you can find another spooky movie that able to watch with your kids. Just place the right keywords on your search engine and it’s going to show up. 

How can you celebrate Halloween without wearing a costume?

Halloween is associated with spooky makeup on the face along with its costume. If you want to lowkey celebrate Halloween, it’s still possible. You can do these to represent that you also celebrating Halloween. Wearing a Halloween t-shirt would be considered lowkey. You can choose the one with orange color and has small printed symbols or text about this spooky celebration on it.

Using Halloween theme nail art would be gorgeous. You might ask about the design of the spider's template along with the orange color to cover your nails. It definitely will beautify your nails' look. Pumpkins' nail art will be awesome too. You may ask the nail artist to show their recommendation of Halloween nail art.

To attend the festival, wearing all black along with a bat wings headband is the perfect match to keep you simple but elegant. You can also place other accessories related to this spooky day such as a spiders necklace, pumpkin ring, skeleton earrings, and many more. 

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