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Sep 28, 2022
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How do you make a wooden pumpkin for yard decorations?

The fall season is about to come! Then it’s the sign to decorate your yard with fall-related decorations. The pumpkin linked well to the fall. That’s why it often becomes a decoration during its season.

If you only want to make the pumpkin as the dish for a fall party, then you can go with the wooden material to turn it into a pumpkin look. Besides using the orange color, you can also try some by adding other ornaments or borders to make it better.

Gather the materials such as the wooden board and the paint in the colors orange and green. Cut the wooden board into a pumpkin shape. In this case, you can use the pumpkin pattern to make the ones that resemble the pumpkin the most.

Paint with orange for the body part and green for the stem. Let it dry and place it as yard decoration with the wooden stick to make it firmly stand. This kind of design also suits well for wall decoration.

Gather all your ingredients and make them as your yard decorations! Try to apply the pattern to other kinds of yard decoration such as making the candy sign for the trick and treaters.

What can you do with pumpkin waste?

Pumpkin belongs to the plant with versatile use. When it comes to the fall and Halloween celebrations, pumpkin is used both for décor and also the treats. During the celebration, the leftover pumpkin scattered everywhere. Instead of just being a food waste, plan what you going to do with the pumpkin after the celebration. Let’s dive right in!

Pumpkin belongs to organic material that you can compost to feed the microorganism on the ground. Therefore, you must concern with the paint while creating the pumpkin décor. Make sure you choose the environment-friendly ones in an effort to keep good nature.

Transforming the pumpkin to feed the wildlife is beautiful action. Pumpkin is not only delicate and nutritious for humans, but for animals too.

If the leftover pumpkin is still in good condition, better to turn it into a delicate cuisine. The painted pumpkin commonly uses a whole pumpkin, so you can take it all to be the food. Scrap out the seeds and roast them to make a jar snack. For pumpkin meat, you can turn it into various types of food. The pumpkin soup will warm your Halloween night.

Pumpkin pie would be a nice dessert to serve at the fall party. Pumpkin is also delicate for drinks ingredients too. Pumpkin spice latte belongs to pumpkin-based drinks that everyone craves.

Those what to do with the pumpkin waste instead of throwing it as garbage. Be concerned with your decoration ingredients such as the paint, so it’s guaranteed to be safe to consume both for humans and animals.

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What pumpkin-based decorations I can create for fall celebrations?

It’s a sign to decorate your house with all-fall symbols. The pumpkin belongs to a fall season symbol that is quite commonplace as a decoration. If you are looking for ideas for pumpkin-based decorations, let’s check this out and get inspired!

Carve the pumpkin with the cute pattern and light it out. If you are just about to start it, better to go with a simple design. Using a stencil will help you too. Stick the stencil on your pumpkin and trace it with the carving knife.

Painting the pumpkin belongs to kid-friendly activities. Take your kids to turn the pumpkin into their favorite characters. To help them create a great look, go with the stencil to trace. Those kinds of decorations item will great place on your entrance or outdoors. Pumpkin also looks spot on to place on your party venue.

You can also place the pumpkin as a decoration with the original form. Use the white pumpkin on your entrance. All you have to do is gather another embellishment such as the fake dried leaves to place around the pumpkin.

Coming up with other pumpkin colors seems interesting too. Have a decoration with blue, red, and yellow pumpkin as your décor, and let the guest be impressed with the look.

Those are the ideas of having the pumpkin as your decoration. Choose the one that relates to you the most. Take the kids to build the decoration with you to have fun. Better to use environment-friendly paint or even just food paint, so you can reuse it after placing it as decoration.

Turn it into the pumpkin dishes such as pumpkin cake, pumpkin soup, roasted pumpkin seeds, and many more. Some also make pumpkin cakes as candy replacements. This can be a get-together activity with your kids too. Ask them to decorate cake toppers, wrap them in the box, and hand them with a greeting tag.

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