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Updated on Mar 07, 2023
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Printable Easter Activities Religious
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Do charitable deeds have to involve giving money?

Genuine generosity comes in a variety of sizes and forms.

Volunteering at a food pantry that helps the homeless shows the generosity of time. A person who contributes their car or boat is also being kind, as does someone who visits their neighborhood retirement home and interacts there reading and conversing with elderly residents.

After all, acts of generosity can be defined as everything that a person does out of kindness toward another.

Teaching your child to have a giving mindset

Giving can make feel happier, as you're able to witness to if you've ever experienced a burst of happiness after personally presenting a thoughtful gift to someone. Finding ways to get your children involved in charitable deeds throughout the holiday season may enable them to enjoy great happiness boosts, which may motivate them to look for chances to be more generous in the future.

When your holiday plans are different this year from previous years, without large family reunions or social events, children may also need encouragement more. Your children may experience the holidays in a completely different manner if you make the season more pleasant for those who are in need.

As a result, by encouraging your child to give to others and participate in charitable activities, you can:

  • Foster in them a sense of empathy and kindness.
  • Increase their sense of purpose in your neighborhood.
  • Encourage them to feel better about themselves and more self-assured.
  • Encourage them to engage in a variety of potential positive activities.


What can you do to encourage children to give generously?

The advice below should help you encourage your children to be generous without overburdening them:

  • Talk about your motivations for giving your time, money, or objects as you demonstrate generosity throughout the year.
  • To avoid youngsters feeling pushed to participate, make donations seem interesting yet optional.
  • Give your children some insight into the causes for which a group could require their assistance.
  • When children receive an allowance, they must consider leaving aside a portion of their earnings each week to develop the habit of supporting a cause that is valuable to them.

Methods for teaching children about Easter

Educating their children about the genuine importance of such a religious holiday might be difficult for many parents. Thus, as parents, reading some of the explanations below might provide you with some suggestions for how to explain and introduce Easter to your children.

Read some Bible stories for children. The Easter story follows the typical structure of a fairy tale, with a great beginning, a frightening middle, and a happy ending. It's better that you refrain from skipping any of the story's events and keep the specifics of Jesus' death to a minimum while focusing on the importance of Easter. Remember to emphasize Jesus' love as well.

Make resurrection rolls snack. Resurrection rolls are a wonderful idea to further portray the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus. These tasty Easter treats feature crescent rolls in place of the tomb, marshmallows in place of Jesus, and cinnamon and sugar in place of the anointing oil.

Attend church regularly during the Easter season. Not just during the major festival, but during the entire season, it is necessary to go to church. Easter Sunday, Good Friday, and Palm Sunday all permit attendance at services.

Consider how you can follow the Easter message. It is essential to strengthening in our children the values of empathy, kindness, and service if we want them to grow up to be kind, compassionate, and understanding people. Therefore, searching for ways to help others who are less fortunate is one of the best Easter activities.

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Family-based gifts idea for Easter giving

Throughout the Holiday season, children of all ages can understand the importance of giving back by being kind, smiling, sharing a toy, creating art, writing notes, or cheering up a family member or friend who is feeling down.

Therefore, listed below are additional family-friendly charitable activities you can participate in with your child throughout the year, not just during the holidays, to provide support to others:

  • Donate clothing or other items to a homeless shelter in your community.
  • Create crafts for a particular occasion and donate them to a nearby children's hospital as presents, scrapbooks, napkin holders, or other items.
  • Visit a nursing facility for the elderly or "adopt" a senior and assist with their daily tasks.
  • Gather supplies for your neighborhood food banks.
  • "Adopt" a service member who is deployed, then gather gifts and send them to them in a care package.
  • Create handicrafts, games, or toys for a hospital's pediatric ward or daycare facility.

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