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May 24, 2014
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Printable Paper Plane TemplatesPrintable Paper Plane Templatesdownloadvia

How do you make the best paper airplane?

To make the best paper airplane, you need to look for the best paper and also the best Paper Airplane Templates. Don’t worry because it's only a piece of cake. You can find the tutorial on YouTube or follow the instructions below.

What is the best paper to use to make a paper airplane?

Making paper airplanes can be a little tricky at times. If it fails, sometimes the paper airplane that is made cannot fly properly. Therefore, here are three things you need to know about the best paper to make a paper airplane.
1.    The Size
The size of your paper really matters. Because paper will affect the size of the airplane and the Paper Airplane Templates to be used. The best size you can use is US Letter (It measures 215.9 mm x 279.4 mm) and A4 (It measures 210 by 297 cm).
Both of them are not too small or too big. You can customize the paper airplane freely. Also, both sizes are very easy to find.
2.    Weight
Paper that is too thick and heavy will usually affect the rate of the paper airplane. Therefore, many people choose paper as thin as possible so that paper airplanes fly easily.
If the paper that is too heavy can find it difficult to fly, then the paper that is too thin is not good either. Even though it is light, the paper that is too thin will be very brittle. So it can't go against the wind.
So, we recommend using 80-90 GSM. Since this one is very common and easy to find, it is also easy to shape. A single sheet weighs maybe around 5 grams. It's the best weight to fly against the wind.
3.    Material
If the two points above have been met, then you can look for the best materials that can be used. Ordinary printing paper is actually quite good. However, it is even better if the material used is a waterproof paper so that it can withstand water exposure.

Paper Airplane TemplatesPaper Airplane Templatesdownloadvia
Paper Airplane Templates Printable for KidsPaper Airplane Templates Printable for Kidsdownloadvia
Paper Airplane TemplatesPaper Airplane Templatesdownloadvia
Printable Paper Airplane DesignsPrintable Paper Airplane Designsdownloadvia
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What are the six steps to making a paper airplane?

Paper planes are one of the easiest origami arts. Only with a sheet of paper that is folded several parts, we can get a paper airplane that can fly in the air. If you have never folded a paper airplane before, here are 6 steps for folding a paper airplane:
1.    Take A4 size paper or any paper with a rectangular shape, fold in half.
2.    Then fold the top right and left corners into the middle section.
3.    Repeat it, but on different sides.
4.    Fold again the paper into half.
5.    Fold the side down till it reaches the bottom side of the plane, then do the same to the other side.
6.    Congratulations! When it's done, go fly your paper airplane!

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