Printable Number 2

Jul 08, 2011
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Printable Number 2

Printable Number 2

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How to introduce numbers to 2 years old?

Many skills should have been better to develop from an early age. This is because they could step up the game easily as they grow later. As an example, in teaching numbers. As a matter of fact, at a very young age like toddlers around 2 years old, it is possible for them to start counting numbers. Learning to understand the difference between number 2 and number 5 for toddlers is counted as a pre-education for them since it often confuses children when they start learning about numbers. Toddlers will be able to understand numbers at first from number 1 to number 10, or much more a baby step to number 5 for the first time. Give a way for them to learn in a fun way like using puzzles, it helps a lot for young age 2 years old children to understand.

What makes children difficult to understand numbers?

Despite the fact that there are various vehicles available and customized in the best and easy way for children to develop their math skills from a young age, there are moments where it is difficult for them to understand numbers itself. The thing that makes children have difficulties in understanding numbers is because at some points their ability to solve and absorb it is still like a scattered puzzle in mind. Especially when you are giving it when they are still young. This is because their brain is not fully stimulated and they need solid foundations to build it. Children are capable of memorizing one number like number 2 and number 5. Not so long, they might have confusion in between because these numbers have similar shapes. This is why some worksheets are available for younger kids with multiple practices on one book just for one number like tracing or learning the number with illustrations. However, these obstacles are preventable as you give it the right way and without forcing them in order to keep with other children since each child is special in their own way.

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Printable Number 2
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How to teach number 2 to children? 

When your toddler is active and slowly developing their skills in many aspects, you can go to giving practice with them. Number sense learning during a young age is a great way to transfer their active energy into something productive. There are lots of practice books available in the bookstore. You can introduce numbers one by one, let’s say your child is 2 years old. You can buy one practice book of number 2. In one practice book, you can teach your toddler to learn about number 2 by doing tracing, spelling, and writing. It might not be the perfect lines and shapes they are doing in the practice book yet it boosts their ability in their motor skills and sorting the number puzzle on their mind.

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