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Sep 20, 2015
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Printable Medication Log Sheets
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Why do you need to keep a medication list?

A record of your medication list is important because it helps to be an effective communication between your doctors and the pharmacist. As for children, adults or seniors, a medication list helps to track whether you have allergies to some kind of meds or not. This list is also an act for the pharmacist to prevent giving unsuitable medicines for you.  When you run out of your medicines, you can take charge of refills to the pharmacist by giving them your details of the medication list. When you go to the pharmacist or medicines counter, you can also bring your other medicines or vitamins to them so you can get rid of any expired medicine you have.


What should be in the medication list?

A medication list for adults is a critical list to make sure that you get an updated medication. Things that should be in medication list besides your name and age were mentioned as below:
1.    Name of the medication.
2.    Dose of medication, this to reveal the exact amount of the medication you need to take at time just the same like how many times you need to take a day.
3.    Frequency of medication, once or twice or three times a day before or after meals or whether you need to take it before bedtime or the moment you wake up with an empty stomach.
4.    Date started/stopped, this is important to know so the pharmacist can review your progress.
5.    Reason for medication, this helps to diagnose your condition and prevent to multiple dose
6.    Special instructions, you need to take the medicine with food or it can cause sleepiness

The medication list needs to be reviewed every time you go for another appointment with your doctor to check if there is a need to change the dose or stop the medications.

Medication List Form
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Printable Medication Log Template
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Printable Home Medication List
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Printable Medication List Template
Printable Medication List Templatedownload
Printable Medication Log Template
Printable Medication Log Templatedownload
Printable Medication Temperature Log
Printable Medication Temperature Logdownload

What effect is given from medication lists for adults?

Keeping a medication list affects your routine as you become more aware of your body needs of the medications and why you are taking it. Being more accurate with your medication list to your doctors and pharmacist means that you are already aware of your health in the daily times before going to the appointment to review your medication list and conditions. A medication list for adults will be able to advise and find alternatives to map which one that suits you better based on the needs and the lifestyles you have.

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