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Mar 03, 2021
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Printable Stationery Paper with Lines
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What is the best love letter?

Before we download love letter stationery and print it for the lovely one, we may need to write the love letter first. Yes the purpose of writing a love letter is to send them our expression of love toward them by using writing, right?

Well, sometimes, we really deeply in love with someone. Sadly, we are not good when it comes to playing with words creatively. Instead of giving them pure love through writing, it may be seen as awkward or cheesy. So, it is important to learn how to write a love letter before we download love letter stationery and print it down for our beloved one.

One of many methods to learn how to write love letters is seeing the love letters. No, we don't copy them quite exact, we just need some inspiration based on the other love letters. Yes, we need the best love letters. So, what is the best love letter look like? Here is an example of the best love letter that we can provide for you.

Dear, lovely
Day by day, I notice that my life goes better. My life feels so pleasing and beautiful. Do you know that it is because of you?
All the love that you give to me, is the real meaning of love. Yes, pure, and filled with care.
I know, maybe you found it weird since I am here writing just like this.
I just want you to know that
I love you so much.
Thank you so much for being here for me and us.

With love,
(Your name here)


How do you start a love letter?

Before we download love letter stationery and write the letter story, it is important to know the dos and dont's of writing a love letter. One of the things that we are required to understand is the right way to write the main element of a love letter.

Here are the basics of a love letter that you need to know before you express your love through writing.
1. Always open the letter by a greeting
Well, the common greeting of a letter usually comes like this: "Dear (the name),". However, this is a love letter. We need to make it more personalized and sound lovely. So, put some more romantic spice in the greeting. This is good to build the first impression of the love letter itself. So, we can open the letter with this kind of greeting: "Dear the half of me,", "To my lovely wife", or we can even add the nickname like we have made to call our partner, like "Dear my cupcake,"
2. Start the first paragraph with the reason of writing the love letter
This contains the motivation behind we need to send them a love letter. If we need to show our gratitude because we live with them, we can start with: "It is a great chance for me to be loved by you. I am sure, I can find this elsewhere but here, with you."
3. Point the "heart of the letter"
We can do this by putting more spice inside the love letters, like saying something sentimental. We can also put something funny or the internal jokes that are only understood by both of you. The main point is, this element allows us to describe your love and the feeling to be here with our lovely one.
4. Finish the letters with the imagination of the future of you both
Well, if it is unimaginable, we can say this instead, "Well, it is hard to imagine my days if it's not with you. I don't know what will happen in the future if you are not here."

Love Letter Stationery
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Printable Love Stationery Paper
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Printable Love Letter Paper
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Free Printable Love Letter Stationery
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Free Love Letter Stationery Template
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Do Love Letters work?

Sometimes, before we want to download love letter stationery, we may be afraid or even skeptical. We sometimes see this as a corny way to express love. Also, we are skeptical because since this sounds corny, we are afraid that this way won't work out.

Well, actually, absolutely, this love letter really works. This works out for showing that we miss them or simply expression on how grateful we are to be loved by the. The handwritten love letter seems so sentimental since it puts some more effort so it will be more appreciated by our partner.

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