Printable Laundry Care Symbol Chart

Nov 26, 2010
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Printable Laundry Care Symbol Chart

Printable Laundry Care Symbol Chart

Printable Laundry Symbols Guide
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What do the symbols mean on washing instructions?

If you pay attention to your clothes, you will find labels that have a number of symbols on them. Those symbols are the best way to wash your clothes. Each fabric has different materials, so it has different treatments as well.
These symbols help you to identify safe ways to wash your clothes, as some fabrics are not machine-washable. You can decide whether to wash the clothes in the washing machine or not, as well as the settings you will use, and what the temperature is.
If the fabric is machine-washable, there is a picture with a bucket, temperature recommendations, and the settings. Each of the symbols means different instructions.
Example: You want to wash your silk clothes, then you see there is a Laundry Care Symbol Chart that looks like a bucket filled with water and 30 degrees. That means you should wash your silk clothes in the washing machine using cool water.

What do the laundry care symbols mean?

On your garments, if you see a label with a symbol or pictogram that looks like an iron or a bucket filled with water then that is what is meant as laundry symbols. A laundry symbol also known as a care symbol. that shows you how to wash.
Every country or region got different laundry care symbols. Before you wash your clothes, you have to find out the laundry care symbols. Because some garments are not machine-washable. Also some garments require hot water to be completely clean. Also pay attention to the prohibition on ironing, so that your clothes don't wrinkle.
For example, if you were washing your linen shirt, then you see there are symbols that look like an iron with an ‘X’ on it, then it means you can’t iron your linen shirt.

Laundry Guide Symbols
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Laundry Care Symbols
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Printable Clothing Care Symbols
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International Laundry Symbols
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Fabric Softener for Laundry Care Symbols
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What are the universal laundry symbols?

Since laundry symbols are an important part of garments care, so the symbols were developed as part of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Symbols or pictograms are chosen rather than words because it's easier to identify. The symbols have some variations in Europe, Asia, and the US. But, it's not a big deal, you can still understand it easily even though there are slight differences.
Laundry Care Symbol Chart based on ISO uses five basic icons, for washing, drying, dry cleaning, ironing, and bleaching. Once you understand the basic icon shape, you'll easily understand if there are slight differences. For example, the letter 'X' in the icon means 'Don't do it'

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