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Feb 15, 2009
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Things That Start with S Coloring Page
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How do I teach the alphabet S?

Well, one of the hardest letters that some kids need to learn is the letter S, including the uppercase or the lowercase version. This is because the letter s consists of several curves that need to be connected so that it can appear as a letter S. Well, to improve their skills to write letter S, we need letter S activities. Well, in these activities, things that we need to teach them is how to start to write S, definitely. So, we need to differ the steps on how to write the letter S uppercase or letter S lowercase. Even though they seem different when it comes to teaching them using letter activities, we can pinpoint the main thing to do when it comes to teaching them writing letter S. We can simply draw separated two curves, like a half-circle that shows the curve line to the right side above and a half one to the left side above the previous curve. Then, teach them to connect those both curves. Do it several times until they are able to write the letter S fluently. So, they can understand the main steps for writing the letter S.

How do you make learning letters fun?

When it comes to doing letter S activities, we need to add some spark in the activities so that our kids are enthusiastic about the learning process. We already know that when the learning process is fun, our kids can enjoy it. So, the lessons are easily understood by them. Then, they can implement it better and faster. Well, here are the recommendations for learning letters, including letter S activities to be more fun:

  1. Use glue glitters to create letters to give the spark effects of the letter S.
  2. We can also involve a dot-dabber marker to create vibrant colors easily.
  3. Create a collage using the letters from the magazine, which means we cut the old magazine by the letters.
  4. Involve kinetic sand and let them write on it using their fingers.
  5. Eat nugget or soup that comes in the shape of the alphabet.

Printable Letter S Worksheets
Printable Letter S Worksheetsdownload
Printable Preschool Letter S Worksheet
Printable Preschool Letter S Worksheetdownload
Things That Start with L
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Printable Letter S Worksheets
Printable Letter S Worksheetsdownload
Letter S Worksheets Printables
Letter S Worksheets Printablesdownload

What letters do you teach first?

Yes, letter activities are effective to make our kids able to write the letter S or drawing curve lines in general. However, when it comes to learning handwriting in general, we need to understand that we can't actually teach them how to handwrite letters in alphabetical sequence. It is because there are some letters that commonly appear to be used in text or conversation. We can call this as letter-sounds correspondence. So, we prioritize the letters that are common to be used first, so they can write and read better and faster too. The letter-sounds correspondence sequence is m, s, a, t. We can see that the letter S appears frequently. So, using letter activities is a good choice.

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