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Dec 05, 2022
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Printable Christmas Gift Tags
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What do you write on Christmas gift tags?

While wrapping the gifts, of course, you must come up with the tags too. Design your cute tags while picking some ear-catching phrases for them. These ideas might bring you to have insight!

Go with the short and traditional sayings which might bring everyone the memory of the previous Christmas such as:

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  2. Have a happy holiday
  3. Wishing you a Happy Christmas


Let your family get nostalgic with happy memories of the celebration through sentimental tags about family.

  1. Family is what makes my Christmas
  2. Family is the exceptional gift
  3. Spending Christmas with family is truly joyful


 Take some phrases from Christmas songs that could bring happiness too!

  1. All I want for Christmas is for you
  2. I wish it could be Christmas every day
  3. Have a holly jolly Christmas
  4. It’s the most beautiful time of the year


Some jokes wouldn’t be regretful!

  1. What is a Christmas tree’s favorite candy? Orna-mints!
  2. What do you call an obnoxious reindeer? Rude-Dolph
  3. How does Santa take photos? With a Pole-aroid camera, of course.


Sarcasm for grow-ups can be a hit too!

  1. Merry Drunk, I’m Christmas
  2. May your bell jingle all the way
  3. I wish you happiness, peace, and weight gain


Who was the Shiny Brite invented?

Classic decoration ornaments such as Shiny Brite might bring your grandparents' memory while they were a kid. This is because the decoration was quite popular in the 1940s and 1950s generations. Therefore, you might still see this kind of decorative accent on your grandparents' Christmas nowadays.

This ornament was first seen in Germany and made around the 1930s. It was created by Max Eckardt who was the ornament maker. He came up with the idea of coating the glass with silver nitrate and making the Shiny Brite stay shiny for a longer time. He then moved to America and started a successful business. The Shiny Brite started only with silver and then turn into glass in red, pink, green, gold, and blue but still in the same form.

If you want to come up with the Shiny Brite this year, here to know the use. As decoration items, you can hang the ones on your tree. Choose the style that already has the hook and construct them on the tree with other hanging decorations.

The Shiny Brite is also great for the peak. Pick the ones that have a beautiful color combination that matches your interest. Pick a design that has at least 14 inches tall. However, you also have to measure the peak and your ceiling before ordering it. 

Making it as single ornaments on your tree is also a great idea. The classic looks and the shining bring it to be a fabulous tree centerpiece. Take the one that has 8 inches and hang it on the center.

Printable Christmas Gift Tags
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How do you set up a Christmas bulletin board in the classroom?

A Bulletin board is such a must item to display in the classroom during any event, including Christmas. A large bulletin board that fits your whiteboard could be great to embellish with any decoration items that lead to the celebration. When it comes to the Christmas theme, it’s literally a lot. You can come up with anything such as the cutest one, religious, or even go with things that are connected to the holiday season.

For the design, you can use Santa as the theme and ornaments into a white and red theme. have a large figure of Santa and place it in the center. Loads the background with the socks and Christmas gift package template. Add a saying of “Merry Christmas” there. Bulbs in red would be spot on there too!

If you want to have some religious theme, providing the native silhouette about Jesus’s birth would be good. Elaborate with the ornaments that represent religion. The cross, white lilies, and wreath must include.

Create the design with your student’s name on it. After having some garland that represents the holiday season, you can create the template and let the kids write their names on it. Using the cutest template would be greater. Christmas light bulbs as the template are awesome. Then, you can turn the background into the tree template and make the name of the tree decoration.

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