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Sep 21, 2020
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Blank Medication Administration Record Sheet Form
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What medicines should I keep at home?

Well, we may experience getting sick or uncomfortable experience, such as a minor accident at home. So, it is safer for us to prepare things, including medicine and other medication treatment at home. In this case, we can call this home med. Home med can be defined as a medication that is can be done at home. So, to do this, there are some medicines that should be provided at home as first aid. Here are some medicines and first aid materials that should be prepared at home:

  1. Acetaminophen.
  2. Antihistamine.
  3. Decongestant.
  4. Antacid.
  5. Antibiotic ointment.
  6. Bandages.
  7. Thermometer.
  8. Ice packs and heat packs.
  9. Emergency instructions.

How can I manage my medicine at home?

When it comes to utilizing our home med, things that are required to do is managing our medicine and the first aid supplies at home. However, since we are not an expert for health and emergency kind of stuff, we are confused enough how to organize, take care, or even how to use the medicine. We can have it, but we can't always use the proper way. Plus, when we consume or use the medicine or first aid supplies incorrectly, it can lead us to the adverse effects that we can get. So, here are some steps to manage our medications as a home med:

  1. Buy a dispenser or pillbox to store our medicine, so we can be correct when it comes to consuming the right doses.
  2. Turn on the alarm because some of the medicine needs to be consumed once or several times in several hours.
  3. Place the medications and the medicine properly, based on the recommendation that is given by doctors or the instructions on the label.
  4. Check the progress when we get treatment from medication with a doctor regularly.

Printable Medication Log Sheets
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What are the most common over the counter drugs?

We are required to understand that there is some medicine that can be accessed at the pharmacy on our own. In this case, when we want to stock our home med, we can buy those kinds of medicine. Simply, we can call it over-the-counter medicine. However, there are some medicines that are limited or only can be accessed by using a prescription from a doctor. Well, since we already have-to-have list of home meds, now we need to know the most common over-the-counter drugs that we can get to stock our home meds. Here are the most common over the counter drugs so far:

  1. Pain relievers, like acetaminophen and ibuprofen.
  2. Cough suppressants, such as dextromethorphan or Robitussin.
  3. Antihistamines, like loratadine.

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