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What is Empathy and Kindness?

Empathy is a mental condition of a person in which that person has the same feelings and thoughts as other people.

This sense of empathy can arise when dealing directly with someone and seeing the condition of that person. Well, people who have high empathy can understand other people's positions from their own point of view. So, empathy can help you to establish good relationships with other people.

Meanwhile, based on Chaplin's statement, empathy is a person's ability to be able to project feelings into an event, object, or realization. Empathic people also easily feel and understand the suffering and needs of others.

Then, what is meant by kindness? So, kindness is a behavior or action that has a positive impact on other people. Do not do kindness just to get praise or rewards from others.

How to Teach Empathy and Kindness During The Easter Season?

Today, most people have a low sense of empathy. It is as written in an article entitled "The End of Empathy" by Hanna Rosin. The article stated that Americans tend to have low empathy.

In fact, research conducted at the University of Michigan proves that the level of empathy among students is also very low. Well, this became a big concern. Therefore, churches often hold and teach about empathy and kindness during Easter celebrations.

Church and Christian traditions teach that empathy and kindness are two important things. Christians are taught to position themselves according to the Bible. They are taught to share with all living things in the world.

Even when in a bad position, Christians are taught to give kindness to others. They do this because they imitated the attitude of Jesus. When Jesus was mocked, beaten, humiliated, and killed, he never blamed anyone else. He received all the bad things

Well, that was taught by the church during the celebration of Good Friday. On Good Friday, Christians are invited to spend 20 to 30 minutes meditating on the story of Jesus. They are asked to position themselves as people who are slandered and persecuted.

Therefore, Christians need to do several activities during Easter so they can learn about the meaning of kindness and empathy. Here are some of the best ways for teaching empathy and kindness during the Easter season.

  1. Understanding Position as An Immigrant

    Now, imagine yourself as someone who has to go far from home to a strange place and doesn't know anyone there. You have to walk hundreds of miles and try to survive in a new place.

    During your journey, you face many dangers, thirst and hunger, pain, emotion and fear. You also have to deal with new people who make your emotions unstable. You also don't understand the language in the new place.

    By imagining yourself in that position, you will be able to appreciate other people in that position. You finally have the empathy to help those people and give them kindness.

  2. Positioning Yourself as A Minority

    Imagine yourself as black or a member of a religious minority. By doing that, you become aware of their feelings.

    If you meet those people, you can help them too. So, you don't see them as human beings who don't need to be respected.

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Easter Egg Coloring Pages
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How You Can Teach Empathy and Kindness to Kids?

Teaching children about the meaning of kindness and empathy is important. Therefore, these ways can be used to teach empathy and kindness to children.

  1. Role-Play

    You just need to make several groups with several children as members. Then, each group is given a scenario and their roles. Then, they have to play the role and the scenario. In this way, children come to understand how it feels to be someone else.
  2. Playing “Acts of Kindness” Bingo

    This is also a great way to teach kindness and empathy to children. Download the Bingo game template. Then, specify the goal in each box that is already available in the template.

    Ask the children to complete all of the good commands written in each of the squares. However, it's a good idea to discuss the types of activities they should do in the Bingo game first.

  3. Read Stories

    There are many children's story books that tell about empathy and kindness. So, read these books to children. By reading it regularly, children will understand what empathy and kindness mean, and how to do it.

  4. Playing “What I Like about You” Jar

    This method can also be used to train children's empathy. Give the children blank sheets of paper and ask them to write down the kindness of family members.

    Then, put the paper into the bottle. Then, take the paper one by one and read what is written on it. With this way, children can learn how to praise and appreciate others.

  5. Search for Hidden Words in Word Search Puzzle

    Parents can try to use the word search puzzles to teach the meaning of kindness and empathy to children. Let them look for words related to empathy and kindness on the puzzle. When they find one, explain to them how the examples of kindness and empathy work.

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