Printable Halloween Matching Game For Toddlers

Jul 07, 2021
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What is a matching game for toddlers?

A matching game for toddlers is a game where they are being given templates about topics to sort and classify. This game is pretty much popular to use by parents and teachers since it helps them as educational material by playing. This activity will help them to obtain skills for memory, concentration, and also the language most of the time. It comes with topics like transportation, Easter, Christmas, or Halloween matching games. As for toddlers, you don’t have to make lots of lines and things to match. You could rather start with 4 or 6 lines first as the introduction.

What age range is best for playing matching games?

The best age range to start playing matching games was around the toddler age group which starts from 2 years old. It is possible for them to work on since they are starting to be more active in observing their surroundings. Moreover, they are able to start working on memory skills. During this stage, they are likely to copy and happen to memorize things easier too. So you might want to try doing the matching games. You can use matching game templates or using category cards to practice.

Printable Halloween Matching Games
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Are Halloween-themed matching games good for toddlers?

Yes, it is indeed! Halloween-themed matching games are such great options for your toddler-age children to pay for. Besides keeping them busy during the gathering night, you might use this as a chance to help them in learning new vocabulary, sorting also analyzing this around them during Halloween potluck night. It also can be used as a game option where each child needs to finish the matching games first before getting their treat prize. This will likely make your Halloween night delightful for every family member.

What other games can help toddlers learn?

Besides matching games, toddlers can play and learn through various games such as tic-tac-toe, making fun crafts with origami paper or paper plates. The craft activity will help their fine motor skills as well to empower their creativity in making arts. It is also easy for you to get the supplies where you can get them right from your working desk. More like to be educational games to play is coloring by number. They need to color in the lines by solving some simple addition. This will help them stimulate their counting skills as a milestone for math skills later in the preschool and kindergarten stages.

How can leaves be used to make ghosts?

Here's how to create a small ghost out of leaves. The first thing you should do is go on a walk and gather some fall leaves. You may color the leaves with white acrylic paint all over when you come home with the kids.

Once the small leaf ghosts are complete, add black eyes and a mouth with paint. If you make a lot of leafy ghosts, then you can also use them as Halloween bunting by hanging them from a ribbon or rope. Cute isn’t it?

What can children get when playing a match and memory games?

These Halloween matching games are a simple activity you may do at home with your children. Even better, you can put them in a zippered case or pencil case to make an easy activity for your travel luggage!

In addition, for both kids and adults of all ages, memory and matching games are helpful. Before learning to count, toddlers and preschoolers must learn the fundamental pre-math abilities of matching and sorting.

Therefore, memory and matching games could be enhanced by:

  • grouping and sorting
  • critically analyzing
  • understanding of relationships and patterns
  • concentration
  • discrimination in vision
  • fine motor skills
  • vocabulary


Matching and memory games also provide your kid the opportunity to show off their knowledge and feel proud of themselves.

How can kids acquire a Halloween memory match game?

Memory or Concentration is a fantastic first game to enjoy with older toddlers or preschoolers, however, school-aged children can also benefit greatly from it.

This is due to the fact that success in memory depends on kids memorizing where they saw each picture card played in prior turns, both their own and those of the other players. Regardless of your age, it's a fantastic memory game.

Therefore, you can get a free printable Halloween Matching game card set online if you want to have the opportunity to play this game. There are several sources available.

To get ready for the game:

  • On matte picture paper or thin cardstock, print two copies of the first page (download and printing instructions are available on the website where you download the set of the matching games)
  • Print the backing paper on the papers' backside by re-feeding them into the printer.
  • Discard the cards.
  • Laminate to make it durable.


To play the game:

  • The memory match cards must be created in two sets.

  • Cards should be evenly shuffled before being spread out and placed face down on the table.

  • Each player flips over two cards in turn.

  • The player maintains the matching pair of cards and then takes another turn if somehow the pictures on the two cards match. The cards are reshuffled and play shifts to the following player if they do not match.

  • The game is won by the person having the most pairings of cards after all cards have been matched.

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