Printable Sports Baby Shower Games

Sep 25, 2022
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Sports Baby Shower Games
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What are some ideas for activities I can hold at the baby shower?

Having a baby shower makes you need to arrange what kind of activities to hold. Let your guest have fun at your celebration by holding some activities. Here are some activities you might try to put on the list.

Instead of holding the celebration indoors, you can choose the outdoors as your option by still considering the weather. Have a great outdoor party with BBQing and hold outdoor games to make it festive. Preparing a buffet for your guest would be such an awesome idea. Choose the dinner plan and set the menus that become everyone’s favorite.

Don’t forget to request the decoration for the table. Arrange the party just for a mom shower by allowing the guest to bring the gift for you only. Having a mom's treatment would be such a great idea for the celebration. Provide the service of massage, facials, manicures, and pedicures just for moms only.

If you wanna go to a little bit of a fancy party, you can try to arrange an agenda in the restaurant. Dress up in a luxurious dress and have dinner together. This kind of setting allows you to trace back the memories before married.

Let the kids join the party by turning it into kid-friendly by also providing some activities that can be done together with the parents too. Don't forget to provide snacks that they love would make it way more fun.

What do I bring to a baby shower?

If you have an invitation to go to your friend’s baby shower, you must seek a present to bring aside from your home meal pack. Many kinds of gifts to choose from for the mom or the baby.

Having a package of newborn care would be great as a present. It can consist of diapers, baby oil, baby bottle, pajamas, and more. Consider giving your friends’ baby a crib mattress to let them sleep piece.

The baby bath kit sounds interesting too. Pack the baby shampoo, lotion, shower gel, comb, headband bath, and so on. You can pick the products in the same color to make them excellent in the look. Don't forget to wrap it up nicely and cutely!

Bringing some kids’ books as a present would be such a great idea for education when they have already entered the phase of learning. If you are willing to do the DIY thing, you can go with kid-friendly art to place in the kid’s room.

For the mom and dad, you can bring them a grocery set that contains healthy ingredients for them to consume. Have a service as a prize that your friends would love to have. The service can be a body massage to release their pain while pregnant.

If your friends just become a mother and a father, you can choose the couple's gift that has mom and dad tags on it. To welcome the newborn, select the baby’s meal recipe book for your friends to guide them in making meals.

Other gifts you can share are maternity pajamas, comfy slippers, breastfeeding tools, and many more.

Sports Theme Baby Shower Games
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Can you mention some games to throw at the baby shower?

While arranging the party supplies, you might think of the games to throw. Holding the games would make the celebration more fun and festive. Choose the game that is in line with your attendance.

The diaper raffles game include in the recommendations which allows your guest to have fun. In this game, you can set the requirement for all the guests to bring a diaper pack. It will be used to change with the raffle ticket. At the end of the party, it will be withdrawn into some fantastic gifts. However, the gift is only for those who are lucky enough because the raffle ticket will pick randomly.

Bottle bowling is kind of a sports game you can try as a simple one. You need to arrange 10 baby bottles as the pin. For the ball, you can use the tennis ball to throw. The rules are resembling accurate bowling. So, the winner of this game will be the person who makes the pinfall with the most scores.

Tasting baby food would be such an interesting game to play by the guest. The guest allows being blindfolded while also taking a spoon of baby food and guest the ingredients. The person who guesses all of the ingredients right will be a winner of this game. Throw a thinking game such as guessing the baby animal’s name.

The animals' babies often have a custom name that not everyone can remember. Arrange this trivia game and let the guest answer the questions. Make sure you customize it with your guest preference to let them have fun at your baby celebration!

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