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Jan 26, 2023
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Getting to Know You Questionnaire Printable
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Which approaches are most effective for making new students comfortable?

This becoming acquainted with you worksheet is just one of many helpful methods a teacher may make a student comfortable on the very first day of a new school year. Below, you'll find some recommendations for you.

  • In advance of the lesson, set a seating arrangement.
  • As soon as possible, start using your students' first names.
  • Ensure students have all the resources necessary to learn, participate in, and be enthusiastic about a material.
  • To show pupils that there is nothing they cannot accomplish, emphasize the stuff they can and will someday be prepared to do.


What are some factors to take into account in order to motivate kids to go to school?

There are several things parents may do to encourage children to strive harder if they are suffering in school and don't appear interested to do so, such as:

Become active. You must be involved as a parent in your children's educational life if you want them to be dedicated to their studies. You may show your child that school can be fascinating and intriguing by expressing an interest in his academic life.

Use reassurance. Parents can utilize motivating activities, but schedule them after a certain amount of time spent on homework. It would be a fantastic idea to choose treats that are simple to prepare but that your child will still like.

Encourage effort over results. Your goal is to convey how much you value labor-intensive tasks. Children may feel they shouldn't be required to work hard if they receive praise for getting good marks that come easily.

Allow them to make errors. Recognize that mistakes are normal for children, even though they need reassurance and it's good to urge them to attempt their best. Children may have to experience the consequences of their lack of preparation before they can understand how to properly make preparations for school, and so on.

What types of questions are frequently asked in the "getting to know" worksheet?

The use of a "getting to know" worksheet can be a helpful and simple technique to get to know someone better. You can check the inquiries below to discover more about your buddies in regard to the questions.

  1. What are some of your favorite activities?
  2. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  3. Do you participate in community service?
  4. What did you find the most challenging during the previous week?
  5. What's your preferred book?
  6. What is your preferred television program?
  7. What movie do you prefer to watch?
  8. What color do you like?
  9. Which dish is your favorite?
  10. What special skill do you possess?
  11. What do you plan to do when you're older?
  12. Which life dream or objective is most important to you?
  13. Where do the members of your family go to work?
  14. What happens during dinnertime at your home?
  15. Among your family members, who do you admire the most?
  16. What is your favorite moment you've had with a relative?, and so on.


Get to Know You Questions Worksheet
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Kids Getting to Know You Worksheets
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Student Getting to Know You Worksheet
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How do you play the game "Diversity Bingo"?

One of our preferred team-building activities is diversity bingo. With friendly competition, this game supports players in learning more about one another.

The first step is to make a bingo card with a grid of squares and statements or questions within every square that relate to some of the participants in your group and are consistent with the goals of your lesson or activity. Following the distribution of their bingo cards, every player rotates, making introductions and seeking out other players who really can mark their cards to confirm that a given claim belongs to them.

Limit the number of signatures each person can provide to one or two per card to prevent people from signing their cards after just speaking to one or two persons. You can tell anything you've discovered about each other, yourself, or the experience of this icebreaker game after everyone has hit bingo or is quite close to it.

Have you ever participated in the icebreaker game "Just One Lie"?

This approach adapts the popular icebreaker "Two Truths and a Lie" to produce an exercise that may be conducted during a day of meetings or workshops.

As they converse with one another and write their responses on post-its, players interact. However, every person tells a lie. As a result, you now possess a board with intriguing information about each player, one of which is a lie. On these boards, participants can present themselves to one another and discover what the lie was during the program.

How do I play the game "This or That"?

It is fantastic to get youngsters active by showing them images of the "this" or "that" on a series of pictures with pointers. For instance, position yourself left direction if you prefer cookies. You should move in over right direction if you prefer pizza. You can use this to determine how each child's interests compare to one another and how they differ.

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