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Apr 04, 2013
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Daily Spending Log Printable
Daily Spending Log Printabledownload

What is an expense sheet?

Expense log is a report that contains expenses for any costs that exist in work activities. This report will be used so that these costs get reimbursed from the company. Not only expenditures in large amounts, but also to the details such as parking tickets, transportation costs, consumption and various other incurred during the process of work activities in progress. But you must also include a valid proof of transaction so the company knows that you are not using it for personal needs.

How do you write an expense report?

In order to write an expense report, you need to know the most important parts of the document. The earliest is the name. A name must exist as a person involved and also responsible for the process of using company money. After having a name, you can write the date and time in detail of each transaction that takes place. Next is the description. In the description column, you must explain what the fee is for and what the exact amount of money is used. Knowing all that, you're ready to write an expense report.

Why there are many kinds of expense log report?

Expense log report that is used in different activities certainly requires a different form. You cannot equate expense log reports with a textile company with expense log reports on game developers. This has meaning, columns, categories and other elements in the document will be adjusted to the existing activities. If this is your first time creating an expense log report, it would be better to look for references and make it your own version of expense log report. You can also use references from archives owned by the company.

Printable Expense Log Sheet
Printable Expense Log Sheetdownload

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Can I have an expense log template?

There is one convenience feature provided by the internet so that you can enjoy and help you in your work, namely templates. On the expense log sheet circulating on the internet, not only an example that already contains a list of expenses but you will also find a blank expense log template. With the spread of this template on the internet, you will find various types that you can adjust to your activities. To have it is very easy. You only need the internet connection to your computer and then take your time to choose which templates suit you. There are two versions of the templates available, free and paid. Make a selection of templates with good consideration in order to give you any harm.

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