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Mar 30, 2022
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Easter Bunny Tails Bag Toppers Printable
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How to Prepare for Selling Crafts for Holiday Season?

The holiday season is the right time to sell certain products. During Christmas and Easter, many people buy gifts to celebrate Easter and Christmas. Well, this opportunity should not be missed. So, these methods will also help you in setting up your online craft business for the holiday season.

  1. Create Product Bundles

    You can sell Christmas and Easter or other holiday season products in product bundles. This is a safe way because it is indeed more profitable. Customers can find the products they want easily. You can sell the bundled product by adding a woven basket to make it look more attractive.

  2. Flexible Shipping

    One of the things that shoppers want when shopping online is flexible and fast shipping. You should make sure that flexible delivery is available in your store. If you sell products with a short shelf life, you should make flexible shipping for products. Give the option to the buyer to be able to choose their own delivery time.

  3. Give Promotion

    Promotions have been a powerful way of selling. You can give a buy 1 free 1 promo or buyers can get a product bonus if they buy certain products.

  4. Use Facebook

    Even though there are many other social media, Facebook is the best platform for selling. Just promote your products there. 

    Before starting to use Facebook as a medium for selling, you must calculate marketing funds. The reason is, you need to use Facebook ads. This method can maximize targeting for your online business.

  5. Making Gift Wraps

    You can make interesting gift wrapping. Provide gift-wrapping services for purchased products. The reason is, usually, people always exchange gifts at Christmas and Easter. So, this service will be needed by buyers.


What are The Benefits of Selling Crafts during the Holiday Seasons like Christmas and Easter?

The handicraft business is the best choice for beginners. Especially during the holiday season, this one business can get a lot of turnovers. However, there are various advantages if you choose this business. These are the impact of selling crafts during holiday seasons like Christmas and Easter.

  1. You Don’t Need High Capital

    This business requires creativity as its main capital. If you are creative, you can use cheaper materials to produce good products.

  2. The Price Can be More Expensive

    As previously mentioned, the main capital of selling handicrafts is creativity. Well, you're selling creativity. Therefore, you can sell it at a higher price than the usual product.

    Usually, enthusiasts of handicraft products also want to buy these products at high prices. They know that handmade products have high artistic value. 

  3. No Need to Rent A Store

    You can use any room in your house to make these crafts. Not only that, you can also sell it on social media or marketplaces. So, you don't need to rent a place to produce and sell these products.

  4. You Can Work from Anywhere and Anytime

    Making handicrafts can be done anytime and anywhere. You can also sell it in various places, especially in bazaar activities or regional exhibition events.

Printable Easter Bunny Tails
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Bunny Tails Bag Topper Printable
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Printable Easter Bunny Tails
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Printable Easter Bunny Tail Tags
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Printable Easter Bunny Name Tags
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What Are The Ideas for Craft Products that Can be Sold During The Holiday Season?

If you already know the impact of selling crafts on holiday seasons like Christmas and Easter, surely you are interested in selling craft products. So, here we provide some easy craft ideas for you to make.

  1. Colorful Hats

    If you like knitting, you can sell hats for Christmas and Easter. Make colorful hats for children. You can make a red hat for Christmas.

  2. Easter Hand Lettered Wood Slices

    This craft is also good for sale, especially for you who have good handwriting. You can write the words according to the buyer’s request.

  3. Room Decoration

    During the holiday season, especially Christmas and Easter, people need accessories to decorate their rooms. So, you can sell accessories such as wall hangings or Christmas trees. Make that decoration with your creativity.
  4. Candle

    You can also make your candles. Make the candles with the theme of the holiday season. For example, make a candle placed in an eggshell for Easter. Meanwhile, you can make candles in red for Christmas.

  5. Wreaths

    You can make wreaths for the Holiday season. Especially at Easter, spring wreaths of various colors are interesting crafts to sell. Later, the wreath can be hung in front of the door or living room wall.
  6. DIY Jars

    The holiday season is usually synonymous with chocolate and candy, especially on Easter and Christmas. Therefore, people need a jar to be able to put the chocolates and candies.

    Well, this is your chance to make jars decorated with Christmas or Easter accessories. Don't forget to add a greeting card.
  7. Recycled Crayons and Printable Cards

    Upcycled crafts are the best choice for those who don't have a lot of capital to sell handicrafts. How to make it? First, print the card template. Then, melt the old crayons.

    After that, the crayons will become colorful dough. You only need to put it on the printed template. Just write the words there and give them to your loved one.

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