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Updated on Mar 21, 2022
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Christian Easter Craft
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What are the characteristics of Easter craft preschool?

The knowledge about this festivity as well as religious values should be introduced to children as early as possible, particularly for those who are still in preschool. One of the ways is to give them craft templates to do. If you look closely, there are differences between regular crafts and preschool ones. Firstly, in terms of color, the ones for toddlers have brighter and softer hues. Many use pink, yellow, blue, green, and white. It is a combination of pastel shades. Secondly, the design of the characters is cuter and friendlier. For example, the face of the rabbits and the baby chicks can be considered tamer and pleasing to the eyes. Lastly, the activities involved are simpler and easy to be done. They consist of coloring, assembling, and matching things and parts. If you want to use one of these images, you need to consider the purpose of the activity with your students so that it matches with the intended result.

How to make a bunny paper plate?

One of the best decorations your small child can create is a bunny paper plate. It is particularly easy to do yet the result is outstanding. There are several steps that need to be done. Firstly, gather all the materials. They are a paper plate, a bunny template, cotton balls, googly eyes, craft glue, and scissors. Glue all the cotton balls on the paper plate. Cut the animal’s parts from the template. Stick the ears on the fluffy face. Add the googly eyes, nose, and mouth. Now, you have a finished art by your own hands. You can let your child keep it in his room. Ask them to place it strategically on the table or they can make it as a gift during Easter. Other family members would be so proud and happy to get the paper plate. Of course, educate your child on the meaning of the animal and the gift for loved ones so that they can send the present based on a full understanding of the action. Have a wonderful time!

How to do egg sponge painting?

You want your students to be able to create art during holiday and you want something different and original for them. Doing egg sponge painting could be a great idea. It is easy yet unique since not many people do it. You need to prepare the supplies. They are thick white papers, tempera paints, palettes, scissors, sponges, pencils, brown construction papers, markers, and glue. First of all, using pencils, let your pupils create a picture of a basket on brown paper. Cut them around the edges. Glue the baskets on the white papers. Set them aside. Ask your students to cut the sponges to be in the shape of eggs. Blend the paints on the palettes. Use many different colors. Now, press the sponges that have been dipped on the paint onto the white papers, above the basket. You students may write their names on the bottom of the papers with the markers. They already have made a beautiful work of art. Of course, they can choose to make it as a decoration or they want to store it as important documents. When they move to the next grade, they can look back at the memories of you and them making things together.

Easter Egg Template Printable
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How to make an Easter watercolor art?

One of the most beautiful works of handicrafts is a watercolored picture. As a teacher, you can educate your pupils to have fun and learn about the spirit of the Easter holiday through their hands. Before you start, you can tell a story about Pascha and what it means to the whole class. Use props such as dolls or big pictures. Now, you start the real work. Give them the supplies. They have outlined baby chick illustrations, paint, palettes, brushes, thick white papers, and glitters. First of all, print all the small chicken sketches on white paper. Give to your students one each. Let them start to paint. They can be free in using the brushes and colors. Be as messy as possible. It is to train their motor skills and concentration. If they have finished all the work, ask them to pour glitters on their art. Now, they can exchange their results with their friends or they can bring them home to their parents. Make sure they stay enthusiastic and happy!

What mosaic art can you make for Easter?

You want to teach your kids about pattern awareness during the holiday. One of the ways is to do mosaic art in the spirit of Easter. The materials are black and white egg images, colorful art papers, glue, scissors, and glitters. First of all, cut the art papers into various tiny sizes. Glue them one by one inside the eggs until all are full. For a final touch, pour glitters on the surface. Now, another unique art is made. You can put this in your child’s room.

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