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Apr 19, 2022
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How were the Easter outfits in the 1990s?

What's on your mind when you hear about Easter? Celebrations and various kinds of events will be widely available. Gathering with family and friends is certainly an event that cannot be missed. During that event, wearing a nice and unusual outfit will leave such an impression which makes Easter events that require us to dress up in costumes surely exciting, but did you realize that those costumes have been around for quite some time?

Should we take a look at how Easter outfits looked in the 1990s? First, because the celebrations are in high demand, particularly among youngsters, dressing up in cute costumes is a must during this celebration. Parents often put on costumes for their children, such as lacy gloves and socks. Adults, too, can wear similar items in various fashions.

Second, head accessories. Accessories such as big headbands and hair clips in flower motifs are also great choices since flower motifs were very popular at that time and Easter usually comes around the spring season. Last, considering the rabbit as the main character of this moment is known from the moment when people in the 1990s didn't miss out on the chance to dress up in bunny costumes to celebrate Easter. So, there you have it: the example of an Easter costume from 1990.

Additionally, the majority of the outfits worn during the period resembled the fashion models at that time. In conclusion, wearing costumes for Easter celebrations is one of the most entertaining dress codes for families and friends to follow since that’s how you celebrate Easter. 

What crafts are suitable for children to do during Easter?

People will make handicrafts when the holiday arrives. Mostly just like other big celebrations, people make crafts because they can be given as gifts, but they can also be used as a form of creative activity to do at home. When Easter comes around, people frequently make greeting cards, gifts, and other crafts.

When it comes to crafts, most people like to do things that are simple and relate to the Easter theme. As a result, here is an example of a craft that may be made by anyone, including children. This is an Easter greeting card with a carrot shape, as a symbol of rabbit food. This card is simple to make since it only consists of three main components, which are easy to find. Cardstock, orange cupcake cups, and colored pencils should all be on hand.

Now, for the steps, fold the cardstock in half to make this greeting card. In terms of size, it’s all up to you. Fold the left and right sides of an orange cupcake cup so that the bottom can make a point resembling the tip of a carrot. Finally, use these colorful pencils to decorate the greeting card, such as by sketching carrot leaves, designing, writing Easter greetings, and so on.

Finally, the greeting card is finished. Meanwhile, if you think this greeting card is too simple, you can create another type of greeting card in a style that you like. You can change the pattern from those carrots into different patterns, such as a bunny’s head, eggs, and many more. You just need to change the color of the cupcake cup to match the icon you want to create.

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What is the meaning of the Easter celebration?

Easter is a world-Christian holiday that is celebrated by all Christians. When Easter comes, churches will be decorated with white lilies and other spring flowers. In addition, we can also hear hymns during these moments. Not only that, every family will gather to eat together and will carry out various activities which are a tradition that goes as usual during this holiday.

However, if we look deeper, Easter is actually much more than that and has a deep meaning. It is stated that there are two different eras in the celebration of Easter, namely Easter in the Old Testament era and the New Testament era, which lasts till today. It is explained that the New Testament Era signifies mankind's redemption from sin meanwhile in the Old Testament, Passover meant the freedom of the Israelites from the land of Egypt.

In the New Testament, it has a deep meaning of love, victory, and hope. The power of death no longer has control over the people who is believers because of Jesus' resurrection. This celebration also acts as a reminder that death is not something to be afraid of. In conclusion, the Easter story becomes a lesson for everyday life, teaching us essential lessons like nothing lasts forever, that life is not always full of happiness, and that it can be up and down.

Furthermore, believe that wonderful things will always happen. In life, we may encounter negative situations that appear to have no positive values, but eventually, some light routes emerge that lead to positive outcomes. Spreading love to others, for example, smiling, showing kindness, and complimenting them, and last is to live selflessly, as Jesus did when he encouraged his followers to live selflessly.

He is willing to make a sacrifice for future generations. As a result, the resurrection provides hope that eternal life exists in heaven which makes people believe that God's excellent and beautiful things are something to look forward to.

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