Printable Halloween Banners

Feb 24, 2009
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Printable Halloween Banner
Printable Halloween Bannerdownload

How do you make Halloween streamers?

There are thousands of Halloween decorations you can buy at the store, but they often seem boring and cheap,  Why not make your own decoration? Using household materials, you can make your own Halloween streamers or Halloween banner! Here's how:

Step 1 – Prepare some ghost paper cutout, you can print it from Google, some rope and glue

Step 2 – Cut the pattern

Step 3 – Cut the rope with the desired length and glue it to the back of the ghost cutout

Step 4 – Hang them to your ceiling or wall

How do you make a bat banner?

Wanna make a super easy paper decoration for your Halloween? You can make a Halloween banner! It’s so easy, quick, and cheap decoration for your Halloween. But today we aren’t going to make those basic boring Halloween banner, we’re going to make paper bat banner, so follow these steps below!

Step 1 – Get paper bat banner templates from the internet and print it

Step 2 – Cut it out according to the pattern

Step 3 – Connect them with gluing string, twine, or ribbon to the backside of each pattern

Step 4 – And finish! Now you can hang your paper bat banner decoration on your wall or wherever you like!

You can also make the pattern yourself by folding a paper and drawing the bat on each side of the folds then cut it out. But it’s a lot easier to follow my steps!

Halloween Boo Banner Printable
Halloween Boo Banner Printabledownload
Printable Halloween Banner
Printable Halloween Bannerdownload
Printable Halloween Banner
Printable Halloween Bannerdownload
Black Printable Halloween Banners
Black Printable Halloween Bannersdownload
Printable Halloween Banner
Printable Halloween Bannerdownload

How do you make a homemade banner?

One of the must-have home decorations for Halloween is a Halloween banner, so how do you make it? Well, this is what you were waiting for, isn't it?

1). Prepare tools & materials

You going to need some materials and tools like a pair of scissor, ruler, Manila Paper / Art paper / any thick paper (Can be any paper color as you want), pencil & eraser, letter print / Happy Halloween font, Paper glue, and double tape/glue gun.

2). Create a HAPPY HALLOWEEN letter pattern.

3). Prepare a printed letter/letterform.

You can print the letters of HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Then cut out the printouts (cut them according to the letters). Keep in mind! The size of each letter must be the same & choose a good and attractive letter shape. Or you can make it yourself by making the letters of your name using the pencil and ruler on the paper provided, don't forget to provide an eraser to make sure an error occurs. Keep in mind! Font size must be the same all (height, width) and choose a good shape.

4). Cut out the finished letterhead/letterforms.

5). Paste the letters in the template earlier. To stick it you can use paper glue / double tape.

6). After all the letters are neatly attached to the basic pattern.

Then arrange the letters in order, you can use double-sided tape or translucent glue to attach the paper to the ribbon/string.

7). Finally, put the Halloween banner that you created on the wall or wherever you want!

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