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Feb 26, 2011
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Printable Christmas Song Trivia
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What Can We Ask in Christmas Trivia Games?

Basically, the questions for Christmas trivia games can be about anything. You can divide the category into some points, such as Christmas food, Christmas songs, movies, tradition, and other jokes around the holiday. You can ask for the most favorite food and drink on Christmas or ask the ingredient of one of them. Some people also ask about the characters who did something humorous in Christmas movies and the most popular Christmas song in the world. You should know the kinds of Christmas traditions around the world because you can be asked about them too.

What Should We Prepare to Play Christmas Trivia Games?

The first thing you need to prepare to play Christmas trivia games is the questions and answers because they are the things we can't leave without. But, in order to make the questions and answers, we need some adequate knowledge around Christmas. Next, you have to have the participant. Bring as many as possible people to play this game, though they might know a little about Christmas facts. Then, you need space to play this game. You can play this outdoor and indoor. Giving a prize to the winner is optional, but recommended if you play with children. If you think you need a moderator, you can invite one to the gameplay.

Printable Christmas Games and Trivia
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Printable Christmas Games
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Christmas Movie Trivia Printable
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Printable Christmas Games Trivia and Answers
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What Are Strange Christmas Customs?

Christmas has become the most celebrated holiday in the world. Many people have their customs and have grown a superstition and such around Christmas. As the result, there is a number of offbeat believes and traditions at Christmas. Although Santa Claus is actually a fictional figure, many still believe him. He surprisingly has his evil-twin named Krampus. His figure is famous in Austria and other parts of Europe. If you ever wonder about the pickle ornament, it has its own story. In Germany, it is believed that the first kid who finds it on the Christmas tree on Christmas day, will be the first one who receives the gift. 

Are There Any Interesting Christmas Facts?

There are actually many interesting facts about Christmas. The first one is that the word Christmas is originally from Christian Mass. Second, Santa Claus is also known as Christkind, Saint Nicholas, and Father Christmas in some parts of the world. Third, the world Noel is officially in the English dictionary in the late 1300s, which is gained from 'Natalis' in Latin, meaning 'day of birth.' Fourth, the hanging Christmas stocking tradition is from Dutch. The custom is said that it was for giving the donkey's food and later St. Nicholas would return with a gift. 

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