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Sep 17, 2013
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What are the main themes for Christmas Carol trivia?

Christmas Carol trivia comes up as a game that is based on the novel by Charles Dickens entitled A Christmas Carol. This Christmas game is pretty easy to follow by people of all ages. It took themes based on three main themes mentioned as Christmas, redemption, and social injustice. The trivia itself is available to play on pictures, puzzles, and sort of questions and answers. You need to overview your audience before handing out the Christmas Carol trivia. The novel itself is popular so it will be suitable for all ages but properly around the elementary school as a starter.

How do you play Christmas Carol trivia in the classroom?

Christmas carol trivia can be an alternative game in the classroom. The themes of Christmas Carol itself are knowledgeable and lots of value can be taken from the story. To play trivia in the classroom, you can put puzzle pictures and do matchmaking with sentences on the side. This kind of trivia can work for students from 3rd grade to 6th-grade elementary school. Moreover, you can also personalize it by breaking it into a crossword trivia game. To put it more simply, you can even make trivia as a quiz so the whole class will be able to actively participate. As Christmas Carol relates to Christmas songs, you can make a trivia game by adding some lyrics and let the students guess the name of the Christmas song. 

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Why do people play Christmas Carol trivia?

The reason why people play Christmas carol trivia is not only because it doesn’t need lots of supplies to play. It is also more flexible as you can put it into picture puzzles or Christmas Carol trivia crossword games as well. This traditional game is popular to play because it can be hosted anywhere and is easy to play as well. The topics on Christmas Carol can be divided into two kinds. You might take it based on the novel of Charles Dickens or the Christmas song as you can sing and dance while playing. The trivia questions and answers are also known for people of all ages so you don’t have to hesitate to bring this game up whenever there are kids coming along. It surprisingly could come up in various media such as using a jar and piece of paper where each needs to guess the song name or have it on a quiz as well.

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