Life Board Game Printable Template

Apr 23, 2020
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Life Board Game Printable Template

Life Board Game Printable Template

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What is the objective of the game life?

Game of Life is recommended that players play games that are familiar with the regulations that exist in the real human world. The Life board has a detailed guide to playing. In addition to the referral book, players will be given money to play. Sounds interesting, right? The money you received at the start, you will use to save your life on the Life board. Dare to agree? Let's call a friend!

How many players in the game of life?

In the game of Life, the maximum number of players is 6 players. Because if more than 6 players, the board will be too full to play. Whereas for a minimum of playing, there are 2 players. If you do not have a partner to play with, you can pretend you are playing with your other-self. But where's the fun in it? You will even look so pitiful playing alone. This method is certainly not recommended, just like the maximum number of players. The excitement of this game will be reduced if you don't play with the ideal amount of players that have been made by the Game of Life company.

How do I set up my life?

Game of Life has game instructions that will help you live life. In a board game. First of all, you have to think about how to manage the money given at the beginning of the game. Do not spend it directly on buying assets that will eventually cause you harm and get off the board. You will be given the choice to spend it by going to school, working, socializing, and more. Organizing life is not easy. Sometimes undesirable things happen. But, you can try to organize your life in the game to be exactly what you want it to be.

Life Board Game Template
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Life Board Game Template
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How much money do you start within the game of life?

You will receive 10,000 dollars at the beginning of the game. You already have money right now before the game starts. These 10,000 dollars are the rules stated in the game manual. Money will be given by players who are given to be bankers. You cannot change the amount of money at the beginning of the play, because all players agree. Because it will damage the overall game structure run because of money. You will even find it hard to be a winner if you don't obey the rules. Just don’t be a rule-breaker and have some fun.

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