Printable Checkers Board Game Pieces

May 16, 2009
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Printable Checkers Board Game Pieces

Printable Checkers Board Game Pieces

Printable Checkers Board Game Template
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Is Checkers easier than chess?

Checkerboard games and chess are often said by many people that this is the same game. At first glance, it looks similar because the board is used and also has a large number of pieces. However, it is precisely there the difference between Checkers and chess. Of course, the function of pieces is different because the amount is not the same. That's what makes Checkers look easier than chess. The pieces are simple and also less than chess.

How many pieces are in a Checkers board game pieces?

When compared to Chess, of course, the two board games are different games when viewed from the number of pieces owned. Chess has 16 pieces, while Checkers only consists of 12 pieces. The 12 pieces owned by the Checkerboard have the same shape, not the same as the pieces owned by Chess, right? However, both Checkers and Chess have the same ultimate weapon in the rules governing Checker pieces, namely the King. It is the strongest and most protected piece of all pieces on board. When you have a King, sure you should have a queen besides King. Queen will help the other pieces to protect the King.

Can you jump your own pieces in Checkers?

You can not jump over your own pieces in Checkers. What’s the use when you have an opponent to finish. The pieces of Checker can move into diagonal line with the square on an empty board or with the opponent piece on it and you can take that piece. But there is no other way you do jumping on your own pieces. It makes no sense. Take a lot of attention when you do jump on board. Because, once you did it wrong, it will make a huge space for you and the victory. You know what I mean.

Printable Checkers Board Game
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Printable Checkers Board and Pieces
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Printable Checkers Board Game
Printable Checkers Board Gamedownload
Checkers Game Pieces
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Printable Checkerboard Game Board
Printable Checkerboard Game Boarddownload


Can I make my own Checker pieces?

Pieces in Checker have the same shape and color. Therefore, it will be quite fun if you make the pieces from Checker more interesting. The trick is to do do-it-yourself Checker pieces. You can make it from shirt buttons, small pins, paper, and so on. After having one of the Checker pieces of the recommendations given, you can give the same color if the items still consist of different colors. After having a checkerboard and pieces in a creative way, it's time for you to find friends to play with!

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