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Apr 06, 2022
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Easter Word Searches Printable
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What word games I can arrange for Easter?

During the Easter commemoration, you might come up with activities that are still in line with the theme for your students. There are numerous types of activities to choose from. Easter word games sound nice to apply.

If you seek the recommendation of Easter word games, just check this out and get inspired!

Word search belongs to a nice game to try. By using the word search, you are able to test the kid’s vocabulary knowledge and also the cognitive ability in searching the Easter-linked words on the template.

Therefore, arranging this game means you have to list some vocabulary about the Easter celebration.

Basically, this worksheet makes the students find the Easter-linked words among the bunch of scrambled letters.

Word scramble games could be awesome too. To arrange this worksheet, you have to list the scramble letters for the kids to fix. It is such a puzzle word that kids need to solve based on their vocabulary knowledge. This game can boost kids' logical thinking and problem-solve at the same time.

Crossword is also great to consider. In this game, kids have to guess the clues and write them on the crossword answer template. The clues need to be in things that are related to Easter.

For the early learner, go with the picture as the clues will be great. Then, you can go to the next stage of attaching the phrases and sentences.

Those are the Easter word games you can apply for your class. Choose the one you think suits the kids and let them engage with it!

What Italian dish I can serve for Easter?

Easter is coming! It’s time for you to list what you gonna need in the celebration, including the dishes. Italian dish sounds delicate to try on. If you seek recommendations for Italian dishes for Easter, just check this out and get inspired!

Chicken alfredo lasagna is such a delicate dish you can make for Easter. Its creamy texture with melted cheese on the top is kinda mouthwatering. Simply serve it hot and make everyone taste it every time.

Chicken Francese sounds nice too. Have this Italian classic dish with the sautéed mushroom on the sides. Serve with the crusty bread definitely top-notch.

No Italian dish without pasta. Serve the pasta with fresh and bright clam sauce. You can also make the sauce as the dipping.

Let’s go with the dessert and sweets. Easter pie definitely must try! The mixture of lemon and orange zest balanced with vanilla and cinnamon makes this sweet unforgettable.

Spumoni tore will be good to serve after a day in the freezer. For the layered cream, go with the Easter color palette of pink and green to be more Easter.

Those are the dishes you can try on to serve at your Easter. Select the ones you think everyone would love.

Easter Word Search Puzzle
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Printable Easter Word Search Puzzles
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Printable Easter Games
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How can you DIY Eggshell planters?

Besides displaying the Easter egg painting, you can go with another style of making eggshell planters as your decoration. Basically, the eggshell will be used as the pot plants.

If you find this idea interesting, just go straight on and get inspired!

Gather all the materials such as the eggshells, the plants that you want to turn in as the decoration, paints, brush, organic potting soil, and egg carton display.

Let’s jump to the eggshell planter’s construction!

Paint the eggshell with the color that represents the Easter celebration. You can also have the design of a bunny and baby chick as your painting. Make it spot on with additional embellishments such as glitter. Let all the painting dry. Continue to fill each eggshell with the soil you’ve prepared.

Time to plant! Insert the plants you want to be in the planters. Flowers and carrots will look great. After you are having the amount you wish, display the eggshell planters as the indoor decoration. You can even hang it in your living room and let people impressed once they find it.

That’s how you can DIY the eggshell planters. Elaborate on your creativity in painting the eggshell to make it look like your style. Have a great crafting time!

How can you play Easter bowling?

The Easter celebration might make you think about the activities to hold by your kids. There are tons of choices you can select. One of them is the Easter bowling game.

If you considering this game as your kids’ activity, just check this out to know how you can arrange it!

Gather all the game props through DIY. You can turn the bowling ball into an egg looks. Meanwhile, for the bowling pin, decorate using the pipe cleaner to look like the Easter bunny.

Prepare the start and the finish line. The finish line should consist of the bunnies’ pin while the start line only has the line. To play this game, your kids have to throw the egg into the bunny pins. The one with the larger score will be the winner. 

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