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Mar 30, 2022
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How do you make a LPS phone?

Yes, when it comes to adding some more items to our kids' dolls, sometimes we need to create a craft. Yes, in this case, when we have our doll, specifically Littles Pet Shop dolls (LPS), we need a phone for them. Of course, not a real phone just like we use, but a miniature of a phone. We can call it LPS phones. So, here are some things to make our own LPS phones to add the items for our dolls.

  1. Prepare the following material: a glue stick, scissors, thin cardboard (we can find it in cereal box).
  2. Download LPS phones templates and print them out.
  3. Cut out the printed front side of the phone printables using scissors.
  4. Leave the back printed side on the paper.
  5. Spread the glue on the backside of the templates we have cut.
  6. Stick it on the cardboard.
  7. Cut the edge of the cardboard that has been stuck by the LPS phones templates.
  8. Cut the rest of the backside of LPS phone templates carefully, as smooth as the edges can.
  9. Then spread the glue on the backside of the rest LPS phone templates that have just been cut.
  10. Stick the back side of the cardboard that has been stuck by the front side of the LPS phones templates.

Does Walmart sell LPS?

Before we want to create LPS phones, we definitely need the Littlest Pet Shop dolls first. Usually, some supermarkets sell these kinds of dolls. Well, one of the reachable supermarkets around our town is Wallmart. It is known that Wallmart provides and offers so many things that can fulfill our needs, including the LPS dolls themselves. So, yes, we can find LPS or Littles Pet Shop dolls at Wallmart.

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What are fake LPS?

Before we make our LPS phones, definitely we need to own our LPS or Littlest Pet Shop dolls first. However, when it comes to buying the LPS, there are so many fake LPS that appear. So, we need to know what makes the original and fake LPS different. Yes, we need to notice things that indicate that the LPS is fake. If we find that the LPS has a white neck peg and the nack ring is flattered, we can see that it is fake. Plus, the head of fake LPS is easy to come off. It is because the material of the pegs is so cheap.

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