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Jul 11, 2022
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Camping Theme Bingo Card Printable
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What are essential camping skills kids need to know?

Teaching kids at an early age might make them better at mastering it due to the kid’s acquisition skills. In this case is about camping. To make kids stay closer to nature, camping can be one of the ways. Before moving to the real camping activity, they have to learn the skills of the building. There are some camping skills that kids require to master such as planning, packing, building and setting up the campsite, mapping skills, exercise to build a campfire, exploring, foraging, safety skill, and human responsibility. The following lines will provide the details.

For the planning skill, start to make them to learn in listing the things, including the elements that they should bring for camping. After listing, they should continue to prepare and pack the thing they need. You can help them in locating the stuff. Teach kids how to set the campsite start with building the tent continue with table and chair camp, and any other stuff they might need. Make your kids find a certain location using the map by teaching them the mapping skill first. For the building campfire, do this only for older kids only. Teach them to use the fire properly.

The next skill is exploring. Tell your kids to walk around and ask them to identify what they find. Do hiking with your kids and teach them what kind of food in the nature, you both can find and eat.  Make sure you educate your kids about the safety aspects. It can be safe from strangers, nature, and fire. The last one is about human responsibility. The responsibility can be applied by bringing back what you bought. Make them understand that after they consume the food, they should carry the garbage with them. As a result, teaching your kids camping skills is a great way to learn about nature while also increasing some soft skills on them.

What are the types of camping board games to play?

 Nowadays, many people tend to play online games rather than offline ones. Although it is such an old school, the board game is actually really fun. Moreover, when you play it with your family. It creates the moment that you cannot always have every day. Playing board games during camping will be a combo to create a great memory. Besides enjoying nature, playing the board game outdoor can refresh your mind. Imagine you and all your family members sitting on the camp chairs, having fun and laughing while also feeling the soft touch of winds blowing your hair. Accompany with the birds singing and trees dancing. What beautiful scenery. There are some board games you can play during the camping. Here are what to choose.

The first one is UNO. Choose the wilderness edition which contains a fun twist that would make you enjoy it. Spot it! Camping contains cards with camping pictures on them. It also allows you to introduce the camping symbol to your kids using the cards. Sushi Go board game is a game with excellent math practice. Qwirkle consists of tiles that can be a tool for your kids to learn the pattern. Quiddler cards combine the strategy and quick-thinking ability to play it. The last one is the camping bingo game. Choose the bingo card with the camping symbol on it to make your kids more familiar with it. You can practice the vocabulary of things with them using the card.

Camping Bingo for Kids
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How to play camping charades?

Charades is the game that makes you have to act out a word or phrase to your team so they can guess the right answer based on your gesture. Many comedies show to play this game and they nailed it to look funny. This belongs to the group game, so you have to play it in a team. In this case, we talk about the camping charades. The words required to answer should be based on the camping and nature vocabularies. Here’s how you can play the camping charades.

Divide the participants to be two groups. There should be two persons left to whisper the word. Choose one of the people in each team to be the pantomimist. Make sure you choose the person who is good at it. In the gameplay, the whisperers will be saying the word about camping through the pantomimist. Then, they start to act and make the gesture of the words without saying them. After the teams can answer it, they can continue with the next person to guess.

If you only have a little number of participants, you can just use one pantomimist for two teams and try to guess as fast as you can. As a result, playing the camping charades makes every participant faster in thinking. 

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