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Aug 04, 2021
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Halloween Witch Clip Art Free
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What are some Halloween crafts?

Halloween is coming! If you wondering what you can do in this spooky season, what fun activities to help you kill time, or what to do for those who spend Halloween at home, then it’s time to make some Halloween crafts! Here some fun and easy peasy Halloween crafts ideas, you can do it with your family, friends, partner, or even your kids!

Spider Window Blinds – Get your template, you can buy it at the store or just print from the internet and cut out the template. Trace your template on thin white paper, such as baking sheets, and cut it out. Stretch the shade (remember to stretch it evenly) then stick it to your work surface. Spray the back of the spider with adhesive spray, then press it into the shade.

Bloody Brain Jar – You going to need red paint or food coloring, a Halloween clip art label, a fake brain, and a jar (make sure it’s big enough to put the fake brain inside).

Step 1 –  Clean your jar.

Step 2 – Put your fake bloody brain inside the jar.

Step 3 – Fill your jar with water, drop some red paint into the water and stir to give the water red-ish bloody color.

Step 4 – Put Halloween clip art label to name your jar.

How do you make a Halloween card?

Giving cards for Halloween to your friends and family already feels like a tradition. Want to make Halloween cards for friends and family? Follow this easy DIY!

Frankenstein Cute Halloween Card

Step 1 – Download Halloween clip art Frankenstein card template from google and print it.

Step 2 – Prepare a green art paper or cardstock, fold over a large piece of green cardstock into half and trace around the template to make the head.

Step 3 – Trace around the hair, mouth, eyebrow, and screw templates on black paper. Cut them along the pattern. Then Glue to the card.

Step 4 – Add a pair of googly eyes on top.

Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Clip Art
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Halloween Pumpkin Clip Art
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What decorations are used for Halloween?

October, the month for monsters and ghosts to come out, you know! Who can't wait to celebrate Halloween this year? If you are a fan of this annual festival, it might be a very good idea to try these DIY Halloween decorations.

Creepy Mirror - You can’t just forget to decorate your mirror when Halloween comes! I've got an idea of how you should decorate your Halloween mirror!

Step 1- Clean your mirror before you start decorating.

Step 2- Prepare your photos of Halloween clip art such as spooky spiders, bat, the web of spiders, etc. and then stick them to your mirror.

Step 3- Arrange the cutouts of your bat as you like, and finish!


Ghost Clay Decoration – Playing with clay is always fun, prepare white air dry clay and black marker, shape it into ghost shape and draw the eyes and mouth with a black marker, then leave it in the open air (dry environment) for approximately 1 day until it dried.

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