Merry Christmas Vintage Printable Postcards

Mar 24, 2011
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Merry Christmas Vintage Printable Postcards

Merry Christmas Vintage Printable Postcards

Merry Christmas Vintage Postcard
Merry Christmas Vintage Postcarddownload

Are Vintage Postcards Collectible?

Vintage postcards are indeed collectible and valuable. The price may vary, depending on the age, the historical value, and how they were carried. The older ones are more, especially the ones that have postal stamps and the material of the paper. Mass transportation like airplanes, boats, and trains was not as fast as we have today. As it could be from different countries or had gone through an accident, the value is high, so is the price. If you like collecting antiques but on a budget, you can buy vintage postcards with less history behind them, such as the ones in which pictures were taken in a photo studio.

What Do You Usually Find on Vintage Christmas Postcards?

On vintage Christmas postcards, it is very common to find, of course, pictures of Santa Claus. From blue Santas, the non-traditional as in baby-like figures, and patriotic Santa drawings. Since postcards were first popular in the Victorian era, you will see a painting of birds and children. Transportation in the old times was different from what we have today. Yet, the picture of the early airplane, old card, and ship was used in Christmas postcards. Other pictures you usually find are angels and other religious figures. Artists back then liked to draw nature. Therefore, pictures of woods, ponds, and seashore can be seen on vintage Christmas postcards as well.

Merry Christmas Card Printable
Merry Christmas Card Printabledownload

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Merry Christmas Carddownload

What Are Values of The Christmas Vintage Postcards?

The values of Christmas vintage postcards can be different from one to another. The cheapest ones start from $10 to $20. The others? You must figure out its worth. For instance, a Victorian Christmas postcard was sold on an online marketplace for over $300. You can imagine how old it was. The one which painted in 1909, with a purple Santa, worth $120. Meanwhile, a picture of a boy and girl that were taken in 1912 sold for $26. The value also depends on the signatures. If it has the sign of a prominent figure, then it will cost more money, like the one that is signed by Prince Charles and Princess Diana was sold from $600 to $4,400 at auction.

What Does Merry Christmas Really Mean?

The word 'merry' is to express joy and to hope for a wonderful holiday with families and friends. The phrase 'Merry Christmas' was established well from one of Charles Dickens' story, A Christmas Carol. In conclusion, 'Merry Christmas' has been used by many people from many centuries ago. The phrase alone is hope for happiness and cheerfulness during the holidays.

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