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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

LPs Printable Keyboard templates can transform your learning or teaching experience by providing a hands-on, visual method to understand keyboard layouts without requiring an actual keyboard.

For students, it aids in memorizing key placements, enhancing typing skills at an early stage. For educators, it serves as an effective tool to demonstrate keyboard familiarity, ensuring students grasp the basics of typing efficiently.

These printable keyboards are ideal for classroom activities, home practice, or even as a temporary replacement if a physical keyboard isn't available.

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  1. Full Size Computer Keyboard
  2. Apple Computer Keyboard
  3. Keyboard Template
  4. How to Make American Girl Doll Laptop
  5. Print Out LPs Phones Cases for iPhone
  6. American Girl Doll School Notebooks
  7. Phone LPs
  8. My Froggy Stuff
  9. Barbie Keyboard
  10. Laptop Template
Full Size Printable Computer Keyboard
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Apple Computer Keyboard Printable
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Printable Keyboard Template
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How to Make American Girl Doll Laptop
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Print Out LPs Phones Cases for iPhone
Pin It!   Print Out LPs Phones Cases for iPhonedownloadDownload PDF
Printable American Girl Doll School Notebooks
Pin It!   Printable American Girl Doll School NotebooksdownloadDownload PDF
Phone LPs Printables
Pin It!   Phone LPs PrintablesdownloadDownload PDF
My Froggy Stuff Printables
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Printable Barbie Keyboard
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Laptop Printables Template
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Apple Computer Keyboard

Having a printable version of the Apple computer keyboard can significantly enhance your familiarity with keyboard shortcuts and layout. You can use this handy tool to practice typing, memorize key positions, or even as a reference for special characters and shortcuts that boost your productivity while working on projects or navigating through macOS.

Phone LPs

Phone LPs printables offer a creative way for you to customize your phone's appearance or organize your phone-related accessories, such as cases or pop sockets. These printables can act as fun, personalized labels for chargers or Bluetooth devices, helping you quickly identify your gadgets in a shared space or ensure they reflect your style.

Barbie Keyboard

A printable Barbie keyboard layout can be a delightful tool for young learners to engage with typing or computer literacy skills in a fun and engaging manner. It transforms the learning experience into an enjoyable activity, potentially increasing their interest in technology and improving their typing speed and accuracy through a theme they love.


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  1. Leo

    Great resource for practicing keyboard skills and improving accuracy! The printable format allows for easy access and the clear design is perfect for all skill levels. Thank you for creating such a useful tool!

  2. Ainsley

    With the LPS printable keyboard, you can easily create customized keyboard layouts and designs, adding a personal touch to your computer setup.

  3. Maxwell

    The LPS printable keyboard offers convenience and flexibility, allowing users to easily print out a customizable keyboard layout that suits their specific needs and preferences.

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