Jesus Candy Cane Poem Printable

Updated on Dec 27, 2022
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Christmas Candy Cane Poem Printable
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What is your favorite old-fashioned Christmas candy?

During the holiday season, you might think of a candy recipe in an old-fashioned style. Instead of buying the common candies at the store, you can do the handmade with this.

Taffy, toffee, and brittle are the candies you are meant to. Those types of candies look the same in terms of looks, but it actually different. Let’s found out the differences!

Taffy was invented in the United States. This classic candy is made by stretching the sugar from the softest candy base. It came from the mixture of boiled sugar with butter and vegetable oil along with the flavorings. Those things result in chewy candy with a light and fluffy texture going on once you bite it.

Toffee is based on the caramelization of sugar with the addition of butter and flour which make this a confection. The common toppings added are nuts and raisins. The mixture was then heated until hardly cracked. A popular one is named English toffee which is available in hard and chewy textures. It is known for its almond toppings.

Brittle is a mixture of sugar and water that heat up at a high temperature until its cracks. This confection is commonly accompanied by pecans, peanuts, and almonds as the toppers. Brittle has many variations in the world. In France, it’s famous as croquet, meanwhile, in Germany, it is known as pasteli.


What snack was originally a Christmas treat?

The Christmas celebrations have been passed down through the generations. It leads to the creation of many traditions and foods alongside. When it comes to classic treats, there are some facts that make them special.

  1. Animal Crackers

This snack was first introduced during Christmas time. It was around 1902 and made it famous as one of the snacks. At the time, people would wrap it on the box and use the string to tie it to the Christmas tree.


  1. Candy Cane

This iconic Christmas candy was first used to make children stay quiet. Candy cane started to float up in 1670 in Germany while the kids attended a church event.


  1. Minced Pie

The first appearance of this pie was around Medieval times. The pie is commonly added with meat, veggies, fruits, spices, and more. It was originally having no crust. The pastry is traditionally served on the top of the baby Jesus’ statue.

Christmas Candy Cane Poem Printable
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Christmas Candy Cane Poem
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Christmas Candy Cane Jesus Poem
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Christmas Candy Cane Poem Printable
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Christmas Candy Cane Poem Printable
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Legend of the Candy Cane Story Printable
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What are the most forgotten Christmas items you should buy?

The Christmas preparation could be so stressful and even more if you forget the tiny essential things at the last minute. It’s a sign that listing the needs is a must. Some of the essential items here might be the ones that you forget to buy!


  1. Tin foil

It’s probably one of the things you forgot about. Tin foil is quite essential for baking, especially if you want to roast the bird. Make sure you have enough tin foil on the stocks because you might need to wrap up the leftovers too.


  1. Napkins

You might host a Christmas dinner and party at your house. Then, the napkin is such an essential thing you cannot leave. Put this on the list with your new tablecloth, place card, and more.


  1. Tape

It is also a small but important item you should keep in mind. Tape is such a versatile item you can use for wrapping gifts, placing decorations, and everything you have to stick. Add on your list another decoration tool.


  1. Cranberry sauce

This a must item is often forgotten too. Cranberry sauce will suit your bread and sandwich on your Christmas morning, so make sure you place it on the grocery shopping list.


How do you turn the candy cane into a gift?

Candy cane always become the iconic Christmas candy. That’s why some people decide to have this for the treats. If you also think the same, you can just wrap it in a special way and share it with your loved ones. It is such a great candy treat, instead of going with other items.

Make it special by adding poems about Jesus in there. Just grab the blank tags and write down your selected poem there. Ties with the ribbon and share with your friends. It is such an awesome way to remind the religious side of Christmas.

Have a reindeer looks at it. All you need is only the candy cane with wiggled eyes, brown pipe cleaners, and red M&M’s. Shape the pipe cleaners in antlers looks and place them on the hook. The eyes are on the middle hook part while the red would be as a nose on the edge.  

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