Blank Printable Christmas Postcards

Jun 14, 2011
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Blank Printable Christmas Postcards

Blank Printable Christmas Postcards

Blank Printable Postcards Templates
Blank Printable Postcards Templatesdownload

Does anyone still send Christmas cards?

Sending Christmas cards is a tradition that has been going on for decades. However, this tradition has now begun to be replaced since the advent of the digital era and mobile phones that have developed very rapidly. Now, the percentage of people sending Christmas cards has dropped dramatically when compared to before the digital era and the internet.

Nowadays, to wish Merry Christmas, people prefer to send emails or messages via the app. This is considered more practical and faster than sending Christmas cards. Just imagine, to send a Christmas card, you first have to find a blank Christmas postcard, then compose the word, send it via the post office, after a few days, the card will arrive in the target person's hand, isn't it a very long process?

Even so, of course there are not a few people who continue to do this traditional method in order to give a more special impression on Christmas.

Do Millennials send Christmas cards?

Maybe you are wondering, are there still millennials who buy blank Christmas postcards for their loved ones? The answer is still! Based on data released by the American Greeting Card, the millennial generation turns out to be the biggest contributor to the number of people who buy Christmas cards.

It turns out that for some millennial generations, sending Christmas cards has a more romantic impression than just sending an email or short message via an application on a smartphone. Also, sending Christmas cards will make you more creative because you can make them manually.

Making Christmas cards itself is one of the activities that children look forward to. Therefore, it is not surprising that until now there are still many people who send Christmas cards as “Merry Christmas” greetings. Sometimes, we don't have to keep up with all of these digital changes, keeping up with traditions like this is also the best thing you can give to your loved ones.

Postcard Template Printable
Postcard Template Printabledownload
Blank Printable Postcards Templates
Blank Printable Postcards Templatesdownload
Printable Postcard Templates
Printable Postcard Templatesdownload
Printable Blank Postcard Template
Printable Blank Postcard Templatedownload
Blank Postcard Template for Kids
Blank Postcard Template for Kidsdownload
Postcard Templates
Postcard Templatesdownload
Printable Postcard Templates
Printable Postcard Templatesdownload

What do I write in my Christmas card? 

Giving a Christmas card is now considered more special than just sending an email. Apart from giving a romantic impression, sending a Christmas card also makes the person being sent feel more valued. This is because nowadays everything is completed online. Therefore there are some people who want to keep their traditions in a unique and heartwarming way. The following are inspirational Christmas words for your relatives:

  1. Happy Christmas my dear friends, how are you today?
  2. Merry Christmas.
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  4. May you'll always be surrounded by joy and blessings this year.
  5. See you soon, I'll see you at the party! Christmas without you is very sad.

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