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Dec 25, 2022
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Christmas Carol Quiz Answers
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What is the oldest Christmas carol?

You might figure out how the first Christmas carol has been made. Traditional songs such as “Away in a Manger” have been through ages. However, there’s no exact source that mentions the first carol. The certain answer is only the fact that this kind of music theme already exists since the fourth century.

During the 12th century, St. Fransiskus of Asisi stated that the Christmas carol was not commonly used as a religious service. Passed down the centuries, some people also agreed that it was inappropriate for a religious holiday.

The oldest Christmas song that was ever made which is connected with the religious field is “Jesus refulsit omnium”. It was a Latin carol composed by St. Hilary Poitiers in the fourth century. It was not long ago after the first Christmas celebration was held. Another one that was recorded to be composed in the fourth century is “Corde Natus ex Parentis” by Roman Christian poet Prudentius.

One of the Christmas carols “The Friendly Beasts” in the French version was known to be produced in the 12th century. It presents the animals around Jesus Christ during the nativity. This carol even still sings nowadays. The carol that was originally composed in English is kinda uncertain. A carol entitled “Adam lay ybouden” has been passed through the generation since the 15th century. Other English carols that people might even forget are “Sir Christmas” and “This Endris Night”.

What is the most popular Christmas carol?

Christmas songs always take a part in sparking the happiness of the holiday season. While preparing the sweet treats and arranging your Christmas tree, set up your best carols line up and brighten up your holiday!

  1. Jingle Bells

It’s always become the most popular Christmas carol among everyone. Even people from other religions know this one. During the holiday season, Jingle Bells become the must track that everyone around the world will sing for it.


  1. Joy to the world

This rhyme brings the Christmassy spirit and cheers to the holiday season. Singers even put this song as the lineup song to sing during the Christmas special concert.


  1. Rudolph the red nose reindeer

While introducing the kids to magical Santa’s reindeer, you can add this track as yours. The song about Rudolph the unique reindeer will bring happiness to everyone, including your kids.


  1. O holy night

This is one of the carols that can melt into your heart with the sweet melody alongside. The gentle rhyme sounding you to be alive at Christmas.

Other famous carols you might list on your tracks are We wish you a merry Christmas, Santa Claus is coming to town, Frosty the snowman, and more.

Guess the Christmas Carol Song
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How do you do carol?

Traced back to the history of Christmas caroling, it was first started in 1223 at the St. Francis of Assisi church. Nowadays, the tradition of singing the carol is already connected with the Christmassy celebration. If you plan to celebrate “go caroling day”, this is the guidance.

Decide the carol's title and construct the lyric. Choose whether you will go with the classic or modern composition. If some of you haven’t memorized it yet, better to have printed lyrics. It will be easier to sing rather than try to memorize them in a night.

Choose the person you will go caroling with. Gather all your family members along with your friends and do the exercise together first. Sing all the songs on the list and go to your neighborhood for caroling.

Hosting a caroling party would be such a great idea. Take all your instruments while hosting the party. Provide the lyrics to read and let everyone sing along with you.

Those can be a new tradition that you bring to your family. Capture the moment while going caroling and hosting the party at your house. It was such a wonderful time to do so.

Why do Christians sing Christmas carols?

Deep down to look at the Christmas carol tradition you might figure out the reason Christians sing the carols. Many songs come up with the nativity story. Using the carol is the easiest way to acknowledge people it. Let’s get to the details!

Christmas carol is used to explain the things that happen during Jesus’ birth. It makes everyone easily understand that historical moment. Besides, the carols bring the joyful in how it depicts the story on the nativity scene.

Aside from telling the nativity story, it also brings sparks during the coldest season. Christmas celebration has been celebrated during the winter. With joyful rhymes in every place, it’s like bringing light and happiness to those moments.

No wonder, the holiday season is always fulfilled with memorable melodies that also bring memories during the winter season alongside. List up your Christmas carols on your playlist and rings them at your house to bring the holiday joyful for everyone.

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