Printable Toddler Lesson Plans

Updated on Sep 24, 2021
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Printable Toddler Lesson Plans
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Infant Toddler Lesson Plan Template
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What should a 2 year old learn in preschool?

Every day is a great phase of learning for kids. Kids actually experience intelligence development at its finest. They even experience what we call the golden age. In this phase, they imitate, adapt, and learn so quickly. So, it is a good decision when it comes to introducing them fundamental lessons.

Toddlers, especially a 2 year old kid, are better at learning languages at this age. It's because toddlers are always good at absorbing words, sentences, or anything else that are associated to language. To involve them with language, we can start with read aloud the books, sing songs, telling about what they are currently doing, or what words they can find in the public place. All of these activities involve words.

What are the 5 steps in a lesson plan lesson cycle?

All lessons should be planned, including for toddlers. They need kindergarten lesson plans for managing and arranging all about the lesson they will receive. The learning process at their age is really important. So, don't mess it up. To use toddler lesson plans, we need to know the steps of the lesson plan template.

Here are the steps of toddler lesson plans:
1. Anticipatory set
In this step, we are required to engage students and connect with prior learning. We are also allowed to elaborate things that kids will learn. After elaborate what things they will receive, don't forget to let them know what they're going to do. Then, at the end of the lesson, we can associate it to the next lesson.
2. Introduction of new material
We are here to give them the instruction to guide them when learning. We also introduce them to something new, like new skills that need to be trained. It is also important for us to make sure whether they are understood or not.
3. Guided practice
In this step, we can give them time and space, or anything else for them to learn. The main point is we facilitate them to work.
4. Independent practice
The steps almost ended. To make sure they fully understand the lesson, we can give them assignments. This also trains them to be more independent.
5. Closure
The lesson should end with the summary of the lesson. We can also ask them to sum up the main point of lessons they get.

Preschool Printable Lesson Plan Template
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Toddler Lesson Plan Template
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Toddler Lesson Plans
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Blank Preschool Weekly Lesson Plan Template
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Preschool Lesson Plan Template
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Preschool Lesson Plans
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Printable Preschool Lesson Plan Template
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Printable Lesson Plans For Toddlers
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Printable Weekly Preschool Lesson Plans
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What should I teach my toddler at home?

Toddler lesson plans are important to prevent the mess when it comes to managing the lessons. However, we need to keep in mind that we can't push them too hard to learn. We know that we want to utilize the golden age. There is a thing to remember that all they need to do at this age is play.

Having a happy and delightful childhood really develops their mental state. We can give fun lessons inside their playtime too. The main point is, let them learn about life skills, routines, and academics. We don't need a complicated curriculum. We can implement learning by doing.

Give them a simple responsibility, like simple chores, commit to a toddler lesson plan, or simply introduce a simple science of things they frequently experience. All of them will train life skills, routines, and academics sequentially.

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