Printable Thanksgiving Clip Art

Nov 18, 2015
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Printable Thanksgiving Clip Art

Printable Thanksgiving Clip Art

Happy Thanksgiving Clip Art Borders Free
Happy Thanksgiving Clip Art Borders Freedownload

How to Turn a Picture into Clipart?

You may want to make customized thanksgiving clipart but can't find any that match your needs. The good news is, it's possible to make it yourself. For this, you will need a picture that you want to turn into clipart, and basic skill to operate Corel Draw.

First, in Corel Draw, open the picture that you want to turn into clipart. Select the picture with a pick tool. On the toolbar, you will find a Bitmaps menu. Click on that, select outline trace, and then Clipart. Your clipart is pretty much done but you can make it neater by zooming in and fixing some lines, filling some spots, and delete some elements that you don't want to be part of the clipart.

How to Insert Clipart in Microsoft Word?

In the Microsoft Word document, click on the insert menu. On the Illustrations table, you will find the ClipArt menu along with Pictures, Shapes, charts, etc. Click on the ClipArt. A pop-up window will appear on the right side of the document. You can insert the keywords of the clipart you want on the search table. You can even find more clipart from Microsoft Online. After you find the clipart you want, click on it and it will appear on your document. You can adjust the position and size based on your preference. 

Where do I Find ClipArt?

There is a lot of royalty-free clipart available on the internet. You can find them on stock photo websites. You have to remember that not all clipart is free. Some are licensed and you need to get permission to use it. In Microsoft Word, the clipart is generally free for non-commercial use. You can use it for free for personal and educational purposes. 

Thanksgiving Clip Art
Thanksgiving Clip Artdownload

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What Can You do with Clip Art?

Clipart is a form of the digital image you can use in so many creative ways. Usually, it is used to emphasize a document or to illustrate the subject of documents. Nowadays, the use of clipart is far more varied. You can use them to create invitations, cards, design and illustration, and even to create an Instagram post. If you want to use clipart for commercial use such as creating a logo, you need to make sure that the clipart is free for commercial use. If you purchase the clipart, you need to ask the provider what you can do with it. Either it is for personal use only or you can use it for commercial purposes.

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