Printable Thank You Posters

Apr 22, 2013
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Printable Thank You Posters

Printable Thank You Posters

Christmas Thank You Cards
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Thank you is one of many expressions of gratitude that is commonly used. This expression can be used to appreciate someone when they’re helpful and whenever they have struggled and survived. We can say this to anything whenever they are beneficial or sentimental for us.

Is Thank You a Single Word or Two?

We may see some people type thank you and thank you. Actually, both are correct, as long as we use this correctly.

        Thank you (with space) is a verb. For example: Thank you for sending me presents. The actual form is I thank you. However, the “I” slowly disappeared and thank you became more common.

        Thankyou (without space) is a noun. For instance: His thankyou speech is so touching.

How Do You Say Thank You Meaningfully?

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to expose our obligations. In the end, we only throw flat and cold words. So, this is what we need to do to show our gratitude in a wholesome way:

1.    Be encouraging, give an affirmation for every single thing that they have done for us

2.    Pick proper and sentimental words to say thank you with

3.    Pay attention to intonation that we’ll use to give respect and appreciation

4.    Name detailed things that make us want to thank them

5.    Add some compliments to emphasize things that encourage us to thank them.

What are Some Other Words for Thank You?

To differentiate the special thanks from the ordinary one, we have to be creative with wordplay. Don’t worry, here’s a list to spark our creativity.

1.    To thank someone after giving a present:

        How do you know if I need this? You’re very thoughtful!

        I can’t wait to wear this and feel good after!

        I love the way you keep an eye on the details!

2.    To say thank you to someone we love:

        You’re my light to my dark path.

        I can’t be here without your support that you willingly give to me.

        You will always be on my gratitude list.

3.    To say thank you after someone helped us:

        I don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t send this as soon as possible.

        How can I help you back in the future?

        Your willingness to come on time is rare to be found in others these days.

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How to Write Thank You Posters?

Before we move our scissors and glue, keep in mind that thank you posters will work if we do write it effectively. To write a comprehensive thank you poster, we need to:

1.    Name one main specific thing on what we are thankful for

2.    Write the clear-cut statements that makes us feel thankful

3.    Keep the amount of words simple. We also need space for the relatable ornaments

4.    Emphasize the thank you by maximizing the font size or making it bolder.

Customized thank you posters can improve our writing skills too. Keep in mind, practice makes perfect!

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