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Jul 28, 2009
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Printable Backpack Name Tags
Printable Backpack Name Tagsdownload

How do I make my own name tags?

School tag is helpful for kids as their identity. Besides its function to help many people recognize the kids, the school tag is a good device to protect the kids since it contains information about where kids are associated with. The school tag itself comes in a form of a name tag.

So, the information inside the school tag consists of the full name, the nickname, and the name of the schools where the student goes to. Actually, we can find a school tag on the mart or convenience store. However, we can create it by ourselves or with kids.

This helps to bond with them and helps them to train their fine motor skills. Plus, it is also affordable. Here are the steps to create a DIY school tag:

1. Download the school tag template and use it as a guide.
2. Prepare the following materials, including cardstock, hole puncher, scissor, ribbon, marker, glitter glue, and school tag transparent holders.
Write the student's name on the card. Make sure the writing is readable and on the center of the cardstock.
Make a hole with a hole puncher to tie a knot using a ribbon.
Cut the ribbon and make sure the length can fit the student's neck.
Tie a ribbon on the hole of the cardstock.
Decorate it with glitter glue based on the school tag template.
After drying, put the school tag in the school tag transparent holders.

Printable School Name Tags
Printable School Name Tagsdownload

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Can I place the name of my child on her backpack?

School tag is actually important for the students, especially for identity purposes. In the discussion above, we have agreed that the school tag is useful for safety use too.

However, school tags can't be disclosed all day, specifically after they need to leave school or go outside when school isn't in charge to supervise them.

There are some reasons why the students don't need to wear their school tag or put the school tag on their backpack, especially when they are on their way to be home. It is because we never know there are strangers that can do harm to our kids, such as stalkers or even worse, a predator, they can easily call the students by their name. So, it makes the crime easier to do.


What should be on a name tag?

Even though the school tag can be decorated and customized like what we want, keep in mind that there are some functions of a name tag that need to be fulfilled so it can be useful for them and others. To accomplish and utilize the function of a school tag, here are some things that we need to do:
1. Make sure the information is written with uppercase block letters so it is readable.
Pick the contrast color between the cardstock and the writings.
Decorate properly, so whenever people see the school tag, they focus on the information, not the decoration.
Put the nickname only, disclosing the full name can be so harmful to the students.

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