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Mar 30, 2022
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Printable Easter Bunny Name Tags
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Easter Bunny and Its Original Story

The Easter bunny is a fictional character depicted as an anthropomorphic rabbit. The legend believed by Christians says that the rabbit brought a basket full of colorful eggs, candy, and toys. The bunny brought all these objects to the children's home on Easter night.

The rabbit will put the basket in the corner of the child's house so that in the morning the child can look for it. The Easter bunny is similar to Santa Claus. In fact, the Easter bunny dates back to 1600. Some people say that the legend relates to the role of the rabbit in Christian iconography.

Easter bunnies started in Alsace and southwest Germany in 1600. The Germans first made Easter bunnies in the form of food in 1800. The food was made from cake and sugar.

In Germany, the Easter bunny is also known as Osterhase. It brings joy to children. According to tradition in Germany, children make nests of colorful rabbits in hidden corners of their homes.

Osterhase will lay eggs in the nest. This tradition began to spread. So, the nest is the Easter basket that the bunny will use to place the Easter eggs.

What the legend says

German legend says that the rabbit made a cage like the nest of the Lawpings bird. Well, in the spring, the eggs will be visible. The eggs looked like bird eggs, but they were actually rabbit eggs.

Then, the Easter bunny was introduced to America by German immigrants who came there. They landed in Pennsylvania in 1700. Since then, the Easter bunny has become known to all Christians around the world until now.

Different Materials for Easter Bunny Tags - From Felt to Wood

Easter bunny tags are one of the crafts that are synonymous with Easter. There are various materials that can be used to make these Easter bunny tags. So, we will discuss the good and the bad of different materials for Easter bunny tags.

The first material that is often used to make Easter bunny tags is felt. It is a type of wool. You only need a few materials such as wool, embroidery floss, and beads. For the pattern, you can use the template that is already available.

The felt material makes Easter bunny tags more natural because they are easier to shape. The tags that are made can also be lighter and softer. However, the felt material will make the tag dirty easily. Besides that, you need to be very careful in making it because it uses a needle.

Well, another material that is commonly used for making Easter bunny tags is wood. To make it, you also have to make a pattern first. You can make the pattern using a template.

In fact, wooden Easter bunny tags can last longer than felt. It will also be more water resistant. It requires more materials such as paint, wood beads, brushes, sandpaper, glue, and others. The methods are also more complicated when compared to Easter bunny tags which are made from felt.

Printable Easter Bunny Name Tags
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Easter Bunny Gift Tags Printable
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Easter Bunny Gift Tags Printable
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How to Prove that The Easter Bunny Came?

Children are always waiting for the moment the Easter bunny will come to their house. Therefore, they usually try to find out whether the Easter bunny has come or not. These ways can be used by parents to show their children that the Easter bunny came.

  1. Make Rabbit Tracks in The House

    Parents can make several rabbit tracks in areas that are often seen by children. Don't forget to leave some chocolate eggs in there. The rabbit tracks can be made from flour or chalk.
  2. Leave Rabbit Bait

    Rabbits love to eat carrots, including the Easter bunny. Even though these rabbits are described as identical to chocolate eggs, they also have the same characteristics as ordinary rabbits.

    So, parents could ask the kids to put down some carrots and water for the Easter bunny to eat on Saturday Night. After the child is asleep, parents can eat the carrots and drink the water.

  3. Surprise Them using Magic Eggs

    While your child is sleeping, color a raw egg using food coloring. Then, put it in the fridge. At breakfast, open the fridge and give a surprised expression when you find the colored eggs.

  4. Lay The Rabbit Fur

    Rabbits have very fine fur. Therefore, use cotton as rabbit fur. Place it in the area leading to the egg storage. However, you can also put them all over your house or garden.
  5. Make Rabbit Poop

    Make the fake rabbit poop with nice looking material. You can use nuts or brown jelly. Put it in the area of the house or near the bathroom.
  6. Paint Your Child's Sleeping Face

    If your child is asleep, use a light-colored and washable marker to draw a picture on their face. Draw a bunny nose and whiskers on your child's face. When they wake up, ask them to look in the mirror and tell them that the Easter bunny made that painting.

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