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Mar 01, 2023
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There are some Easter themes to the science experiment. This Easter experiment can be done by children, from preschool to middle school. So, this is the most appropriate medium to teach the meaning of Easter in an educative way.

Several things related to Easter that can be used as Easter science themes are jelly beans, spring, bunnies, eggs, chicks, chocolate, candy, and various objects related to life cycles. With this, you can teach the meaning of Easter in a more fun and unique way to children.

What are The Benefits of Science Experiments for Kids?

Science is related to numbers, formulas, and calculations. All of that looks boring and difficult for children to understand. However, there are fun ways for kids. The best way is to do science experiments.

In general, you can do these science experiments in a laboratory with various dangerous tools and materials. But children can do these activities with safe tools and materials. In addition, the procedures are fun so children can easily do these science experiments.

Well, science experiments at Easter are the best solution for educators or parents who want to introduce their children to science experiments. If you teach children with this, several benefits can be obtained for your children.

  • Children become able to have a high sense of exploration. So, children have space to express all their ideas and curiosity. In this way, the children have a high willingness to learn.
  • Science experiments also make children have a high curiosity. Children will also ask questions related to science that will make them try to find the answers. That is what makes children able to think critically and have a lot of knowledge.
  • With science experiments, children can learn to manage their emotions. The reason is, when experimenting, children have to do all the experimental processes carefully.
  • Science experiments make children learn systematically. There are many science-related lessons that children can learn while doing these experiments.
  • Children's skills can also improve because they learn to practice science experiments. Science experiments can also help improve their concentration.


How to Do The Easter Science Experiment - Dissolving Peeps?

Dissolving peeps is an Easter science experiment that is easy for children. With this experiment, children can find out the process of dissolving an object or compound. There are several types of liquids used as solvents.

You have to prepare some experimental materials such as jars, peep marshmallows, and a timer. For the solution, you can use vinegar, lime, water, and orange juice.

After preparing all of these ingredients, fill each jar with a different liquid. Then, put the peep marshmallows in each of these jars. Every 20 minutes, check the peeps.

After one day of soaking in these solutions, there will be differences between each of the peeps. Well, you have to explain to the children about the dissolving process. The dissolving process is the process of solving a compound.

Solvents that have a high level of acidity will more easily break down the compounds, especially sugars. Peeps is an object that easily dissolves in water. So, these peeps can dissolve in water easily.

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What are Other Science Experiments for Easter?

Easter science experiment - dissolving peeps are the best science experiment to do at Easter. You can do other experiments at Easter with the kids. Some examples are as follows.

  1. Easter Chemistry Experiments

    Painting eggs at Easter is a common thing to do. However, have you ever made a magic egg? Ask your child to do a chemical experiment using chromatography filter paper molded into eggs. Then, make decorations on the egg paper.

    Later, you will see the color change of those eggs. So, you need to try this science experiment. Besides being able to learn about science, this experiment can also be a work of art.

  2. Chicken Life Cycle

    This is also a great Easter science experiment to do. So, you and your children only need to draw a picture on the plastic eggshell to make it looks like a chick. Then, put a small object in the plastic egg.

    Ask the children to shake the plastic eggs. Later, a small sound will be heard from there that is similar to the sound of chicks.

    You can also give the kids a challenge using the egg. Make an ice cube dig and put the eggs in there. Then, use two different ingredients to melt the ice cubes. An example is salt and warm water. You and your children can see which ingredients dissolve the ice cubes faster.

  3. The Chocolate Egg Experiment

    Easter is also synonymous with chocolate eggs. Well, it can be an interesting idea for making an Easter experiment. You only have to do the melting process to see the change from the chocolate egg. So, make those chocolate eggs first with the kids. Then, hide the egg.

    Don't forget to make a map to make it easier for players to find the chocolate eggs. You can hide it in several different places such as a hot place and a cold place. Then, you can explain to the children the differences in the chocolate egg melting process.

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