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Jan 28, 2022
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Quilted Walker Bag Pattern
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How can I create a bag out of a paper plate?

You might come up with the idea of making a project for the kids that is wearable. Then, a bag should be a great option. There are many kinds of crafting materials to turn into a bag. A paper plate definitely works for it. Check this out to know the details of the DYI bag out of paper plate!

Gather all materials first. It consists of a paper plate, paint, brush, glue, scissor, paper tape, paper puncher, and ribbon. This tutorial gonna leads you to make a sling bag. therefore, each student should hand two pieces of the paper plate.

Instruct the kids to cut the upper part of the paper plate. Then, they can start painting the paper plate first. It can be optional but will be good if you include this activity. Let the kids paint things that are connected to the upcoming season. For example, if fall is near, then you can let them paint dry leaves or pumpkins. It’s up to them to explore their imagination about things connected with fall. Instruct the kids to leave the painting until it’s all dry.

The bag should be able to carry things, that’s why it needs to have space for it. Kids have to glue the frame and left the side that they cut before. To make it stick tightly, apply paper tape on the outside. Continue with making holes in the upper part of the sling. Insert the ribbon as the sling and the paper plate bag is ready to wear.

That’s how you can construct a paper plate bag DIY for your students. It is quite simple but still considered a fun activity for your kids. Try it on in your class and see the kid’s excitement!

How can I decorate a paper bag for the birthday party?

Instead of leaving your kids' paper bag birthday in all blank, better come up with a simple but eye-catching decoration for it. There are many kinds of themes you can choose. However, you also need to customize the birthday theme. If you seek ideas, just jump below to get inspired!

If your kids choose the nature theme as their birthday, you can go with flowers, plants, and animal templates for decoration. For the flowers, you can have a 3D flower design. Just choose a flower and make it larger. Use the glue dots in the petals to make it 3D. Meanwhile, for plants, go with all-green colors for the bag.

You can DIY the leaves and use the small branches as the details. It would be a fantastic design to try on. Animals template can work with using the head part only. You can choose the bunny design and decorate some parts with cotton to make it more spot-on!

Disney theme might be the one to choose as the birthday theme too. If the kids select the Disney theme, you can turn the bag into the things that exist in the movie. For example, for the Disney Frozen theme, using snowflakes as the details on the paper bag will make it look fantastic.

Those are the ideas for decorating paper bags for kids’ birthday parties. Choose the one style that is in line with your kids’ party and let them impress with it!

Patterns Walker Tote Bags
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Walker Tote Bag Pattern
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Walker Tote Bag Pattern
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Crochet Walker Bag Pattern
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Can I make a walker bag?            

For some people, a walker bag can be so beneficial to carry things. A lot of designs that can find in the store, but DIY still works well for this. If you seek for ideas of a walker bag DIY tutorial, just check this out to get inspired!

The fact is you can make the walker bag out of leftover fabric. Gather all materials first such as fabric, sewing machine, scissors, cardboard, ruler, and a walker bag pattern. Size up the fabric as you wish. If you need the walker bag to carry something a bit large, better considering the larger fabric to use.

Cut the base part twice. The design should be long enough because the walker bag will be in foldable design. Create also the pockets’ part by following the pattern. Continue with cutting the cardboard to fill the base part. Stitch the base with left a hole to put the cardboard. Then, insert the cardboard inside and continue to close the stitching.

Apply all of the pocket cutouts and stitch them. Make sure all of the stitching is well attached. The walker bag is ready to place. This kind of bag way very functional. It can be used for carrying drink bottles and a lot of things for those who need them.

Those are how you can DIY the walker bag. You can consider the design and fabric with a brief talk with those who gonna use it. Make sure all the stitching is tight and firm!

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