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Updated on Oct 02, 2020
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Using religious borders for kids' activity in the classroom can bring a spark to them on getting to know something deeper about what they believe. Here's some insight for you to explain to them about religion and tradition that adapted over time!

Religion definition

Religion refers to how people feel about things they consider to be holy, sacred, unchangeable, divine, spiritual, or deserving of a specific amount of respect. Also, it is frequently seen to include how individuals approach existential questions about their life and their eventual fate.

Throughout many traditions, these relationships and issues are represented in terms of one's views of the gods or spirits. They are conveyed in terms of one's views toward the larger community or the natural world in more humanistic or naturalistic forms of religion. Several faiths regard persons as endowed with spiritual or moral authority and regard writings as having the character of scripture.

Worshippers and believers engage in and are frequently commanded to carry out religious or thoughtful practices including meditation, prayer, or specific rituals. The religious life is made up of a variety of components, including worship, moral behavior, correct beliefs, and affiliation with religious institutions.

Most religions widely practiced

The two major world religions are divided into two groups:

  • Indian religions include Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and others.
  • Abrahamic religions include Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Christianity has far more than two billion followers, which makes it the biggest of the world's main religions.

Dates back about 2,000 years, Christianity is founded on the life and gospel of Jesus Christ, holding the Bible to be its holy book.

Islam is thought to have 1.8 billion followers globally, making it the second most popular religion. Islam claims that a sacred book called the Qur'an, which is the religion's spiritual literature, contains instructions from God, also known as Allah.

The third-largest religion in the world by followers, Hinduism also happens to be among the oldest, with traditions and beliefs that go back at least to the 1500s BCE. It is thought to have 1.1 billion followers. Though very little is known about the religion's origins, followers of Hinduism live lives that are profoundly impacted by its teachings in practically every way.

Buddhism, which has more than 250 million followers in China itself and an estimated 500 million followers globally, is the fourth most popular religion. The religion was established in India over 2,500 years ago and is founded on the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

Tradition: What is it?

Tradition has existed for many years, and its meaning has changed. Tradition, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is "the transmission of ideas, tales, or customs from one generation to another." This is a typical description of tradition, however, it doesn't cover everything the word represents. Passing down knowledge or beliefs is only one aspect of tradition. Our ancestors and the past are connected through it.

While everyone's definition of tradition is unique, it is nonetheless always significant and needs to be maintained. Maintaining traditions is not always simple, but it is always worthwhile to attempt. Occasionally, all it takes for a custom to begin to be continued is for one individual to do it, after which it might catch on throughout the community or within the family.

Additionally, traditions must be preserved if they are to be kept alive; to do this, we must continue to transmit family legends and inherited recipes. Tradition is a significant component of identity as well. It gives us a sense of our origins and a connection to them. It can serve as a source of solace through trying times and helps remind us of our values.

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Is it possible for religion to change to fit modern times?

The definition of "modernity" has since changed and broadened to include new ideas; it now connotes a rejection of tradition as well as a rising feeling of autonomy, equality, and human rights. Therefore, modernity has been difficult for the majority of religions. For example, Muslims who hold to traditionalist views have argued that Sharia law does not need to be changed because morality and human nature never change.

This position is shared by the majority of the Islamic clerical establishment. Due to this rigorous stance, the numerous Islamic schools of jurisprudence, known as fiqhs, which is Arabic for "deep knowledge," of God's law, have stayed mostly the same for hundreds of years.

In contrast, a number of contemporary Muslim writers, intellectuals, and scholars contend that Islam clearly needs modernization and newfound flexibility. Sharia law's strictness has occasionally prevented Islamic societies from keeping up with other modern civilizations, particularly in countries where severe traditional punishments like stoning are still used literally.

This is especially true in places where feminism, developments in science and technology, the environmental movement, judicial and criminal justice reform, and many other parts of modernity have been challenged by Sharia law.

Meanwhile, certain Muslim countries have undertaken attempts to modernize their Sharia rules, but they frequently find it difficult to move past the rooted customs that keep them bound to the Middle Ages and the social culture of the period.

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