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Updated on Oct 25, 2022
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Printable Fall Leaves Border
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Why do leaves change color during the fall season?

Autumn is characterized by the gorgeous, gradual transformation of green foliage into brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, and purples in many parts of the world.

Chlorophyll, a pigment essential to photosynthesis, gives green leaves their characteristic green color.

Broadleaf trees and other perennials in temperate areas must lose their leaves in a regulated way to minimize damage and saves energy. Harsh winters represent a threat to the leaves of these plants.

The shorter days and cooler temperatures of autumn typically cause this phenomenon.

Chlorophyll deterioration is the first step in leaf abscission, which is the process of leaves falling off the tree.

The yellow and orange carotenoids that are contained in the leaves of many species become visible as the green color fades.

In the leaves of other plants, a pigment called anthocyanins builds up during this period, affording the leaves their red and purple colors.

Both kinds of pigments are present in some of the most stunning fall foliage, with one color frequently making its way to another as the season goes on. Once all of the leaves have fallen, the plant enters a slumbering state for the long winter.

What shades of leaves do oak trees have in the fall?

The following is a list of the autumnal colors oak trees have:

  • Fall color in yellow


As the chlorophyll in their leaves begins to fade, carotene in their leaves becomes visible, giving some species of oak their characteristic yellow fall color. Brown and yellow hues are frequently paired together.


  • Fall color in red


Some kinds of oak have red fall foliage, and this color seems to be more likely to show up by itself rather than with brown.


  • Brown autumnal color


Some oaks which change yellow or red in the autumn will also have some brown autumn foliage among other colors, while other oaks start changing to deep browns or copper colors.

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Autumn Leaf Border Clip Art
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How do autumnal colors respond to the weather?

It will be a wonderful year for reds when there are several bright, sunny fall days and several chilly nights in a row.

The leaves can produce an enormous amount of sugar during the day, but the cool nighttime temperatures stop the sugar fluid from penetrating the leaf veins and traveling into the branches and trunk. Anthocyanins are created as a type of defense, according to researchers.

They enable the plant to replenish nutrients before the leaves drop off. By doing this, you may ensure that the tree will be prepared for the following growth cycle.

The vivid, dazzling colors of red, purple, and crimson that are found in leaves are produced by anthocyanins.

The carotenoid-produced colors of yellow, gold, and orange are largely consistent throughout the year.

This is due to the fact that carotenoids are constantly found in the leaves and their concentration does not vary with the environment.

Autumn leaf color is influenced by a year's worth of rainfall as well. The emergence of fall colors can be postponed by several weeks during a serious drought.

Fall colors will become less intense or vivid if it is warm and rainy throughout that time.

The leaves will die from a hard frost, turning brown and dropping early. Autumnal leaves are at their most beautiful when:

  • a hot, rainy spring
  • a summer that is neither overly hot nor dry
  • a fall that has many pleasant, sunny days and mild evenings.


How to make a centerpiece for a fall decorating using fiery flowers and falling leaves?

Choose vibrant red and yellow flowers instead of gloomy fall colors. Add flowers first, and next combine in berries leaves from a magnolia tree, and fall leaves to a vintage pudding pan or another preferred container.

For helpful tips, in order to build a firm foundation, start with pieces that are more branchy and stiff before switching to softer, more delicate ones. Add a ribbon that is decorated with dried gourds to complete the look.

How to create a wreath out of book paper and fallen leaves?

The perfect door decoration for all you book lovers! Try to make this wreath decoration for your door to welcome your guest!

First, in order to make the wreath, create a stencil by drawing a 3-inch-wide maple leaf form on a cardboard sheet and cutting it out.

Choose a fall-themed book or a horror novel to trace on the actual pages of (or, if you like, photocopy) and then cut out 100 leaves with ornamental scissors with a "torn paper" edge.

Next, glue hot glue onto maple leaves to bind book page leaves. Layering and overlapping the leaves as you need them, hot glue them to a 16-inch wreath form.

Last but not least, you can use a burlap ribbon since it is ideal for hanging.

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