Printable Owl Valentine Cards Kids

Updated on Feb 13, 2023
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Printable Owl Valentine Cards
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How can I obtain the template for owl Valentine cards?

When Valentine's Day comes around, you can present owl valentine cards in addition to chocolate to your loved ones. Due to the owl icon being printed on the card, these wonderful cards will have a classic yet adorable appearance. In addition, recipients of the card will be delighted to read it due to the amusing owl sayings placed on the template.

Additionally, if you're wondering where to find such an owl Valentine card, you can go to internet stores like Amazon and Etsy, where you can print out a variety of owl Valentine card templates. You can download and print this owl valentine card template on cardstock paper for the best results after selecting the owl valentine card design of your choice. Even though you can't change the pattern, you only need to pay once to acquire the soft file and let the kids write on the printable card. 

Have you ever created an owl print using potatoes?

Whenever you have leftover potatoes that are starting to go rotten, chop potatoes into pieces to create some owl stamps that can be wonderful playthings for kids. In addition to being adorable, this project is simple to complete and doesn't require much in the way of tools. Here is a tutorial for making an owl printout of potato that was modified from

You will need the following supplies to make the potato owl stamp:

  • Paint
  • Potatoes
  • Knife
  • Paintbrush
  • Sharpie in black on white paper


Instructions for making a potato owl stamp:

  1. A potato should first be sliced in half, and then the top should be chopped into two points. The component can be removed by sliding the knife sideways between them. In addition, you may let the youngsters color the potatoes with various paint colors and use them as stamps on paper.
  2. Grab a paintbrush and create a branch with leaves once all of the owls have been imprinted. The white paper should be used to trim out tiny circles, which should then be adhered to the owl's body. Draw a beak, some feet, and some pupils when the paint has dried. You might also put some ruffles beneath the beak.
  3. The painting project made with potato owl stems is ready to be displayed.


Why do owls only fly at night?

The reason owls only fly at night is that mice and other tiny mammals are awake during the night, they are designed to hunt them. Additionally, owls benefit from not having to compete with daytime hunters like hawks and eagles by hunting at night. In order to refrain from becoming their own prey, smaller owls typically forage at separate times from larger owls.

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Printable Valentine Cards
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Printable Valentine Cards
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Owls: Where do they live?

Owls are found all throughout the planet. All of the continents excluding Antarctica are home to them. 95% of owls, the majority, reside in forests or other woody areas. Their nests are built in trees. The owls that consume fish reside in the woodlands close to springs or rivers, although none of them are entirely aquatic. Inhospitable deserts and lofty mountains are not ideal habitats for owls. They'd much rather reside in a dense forest with lots of trees.

How do I make a handcrafted owl Valentine's card?

Craft a Valentine's Day card including an adorable owl that everyone will adore. Such an incredibly adorable owl Valentine's Day card can be made by youngsters of any age. Regardless of whether you're doing it at home or in school, this is a terrific Valentine's Day activity.

In addition to being really simple to prepare, youngsters will enjoy giving these as gifts to their classmates. Below is a special and adorable handcrafted card that your youngsters may create, which was inspired by Allie from

Things required to make a DIY owl Valentine card:

  • Colored card stock
  • Extra-large, self-sticking googly eyes
  • Stickers with hearts or foam stickers
  • Orange marker
  • Marker in gray or black
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Tootsie Pops or suckers


Steps to make a DIY owl Valentine's card:

  1. Start by drawing circles on your paper. Just use the item you have on hand, whether a mug, saucer, canning lid ring, or something else.
  2. The top should then be folded over.
  3. Following that, fold the sides at the corners, assuring the corners point in the right direction but don't overlap much more than that.
  4. Next, use an orange marker to draw the beak, googly eyes, and heart sticker.
  5. In order to allow your sucker to glide through, make two holes at the bottom.
  6. Next, put your message on the front of the card and the words "To" and "From" on the back using the gray or black marker.
  7. Last but not least, to make it appear as though the owl is perched on a limb, feed your sucker through the openings at the bottom.

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