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Feb 09, 2011
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Oval Shape Template Printable
Oval Shape Template Printabledownload print

What is oval shape?

The origin word of oval comes from the latin ovum, which means egg. It is a closed curve in a plane. Like the origin name, it does look like an egg. Also, the appearance of an oval is like an elongated shape of a circle. Usually, oval appears in a 2D formation. This term is not actually defined precisely. As long as there is a shape that looks like an elongated circle, that can be included in the oval shape. Download oval template helps to define the clear shape of this 2D shape.

Is oval an ellipse?

An ellipse is actually similar to an ellipse, it is curved in a plane. The ellipse is created from the intersection of a cone. Ellips contain a double axis of reflection. Since oval doesn't have a definitive mathematical explanation. Plus, oval can be shown in the form of a single axis of reflection symmetry. Thus, ellipse and oval are not the same.

How many sides does a oval have?

There is no side in an oval. It doesn't even contain straight lines. The definition of the edge or side is when two lines that connect each vertex or point. We can't find a corner, edge, or even point in a connected-infinitive line that is formed in a curved line.

Oval Outline Template
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How do you do an oval?

Even if there is an unclear mathematical definition of the oval shape, we can still draw it by using tools that are commonly required when in geometric class, like a compass. Follow these steps to create an oval.
1.    Download oval template for the example of an ideal oval shape like we want.
2.    Make two circles that tangent with each other
We can find the two points after we create them  both. It’s because of the needle. This helps us to know the benchmark when measuring the right point with the compass.
3.    Create a straight line
Make sure the straight line is horizontal. It has to connect the center point of each circle. The line needs to overlap in every circle.
4.    Pinpoint the needle and adjust the compass as wide as it can reach one of the center points.
5.    Put the needle on the certain center point.
6.    Create a curved line from there.
7.    Move to the other center point and create the same kind of line. Make sure both lines intersect each other.
8.    Do the same below the circles. This results in the same shape of the curved lines.
9.    Adjust the width of the compass.
10.    We can point the needle from the outer point of a circle that has made it from the straight lines to the center point of the second center point.
11.    Pin the needle on the point of intersected lines above the circles.
12.    Connect both circles with a curved line. Do not change the adjustment of the compass.
13.    Do the same task to connect the curved line below the two of the circles.

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